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Aug 20 2011

Let’s Get Ready For Back to Basics & Cedar Valley Publishing!

As many of my avid followers to this blog have come to realize, I have been getting back to the basics of life by taking some much needed time to recharge, rebalance and get back to making my family my number one priority.  Being a solo mom entrepreneur for the last 8+ years has meant many sacrifices especially for my husband and kids, now ages 12 and 10.  By taking some time off and putting our family first I am truly thanking them for being the best family on the planet for allowing me to follow all my hopes and dreams! 

Kids are so smart!  They saw that I had become a workaholic!  They challenged me that I had become addicted to checking my emails and all my favorite social media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter and sadly they were so right.  Truthfully, I was spending 18 hour days in our home office trying to get through my 500+ daily emails, all my social media posts and trying to keep this blog going daily and it was starting to take its toll!  I wasn’t as happy as I knew I deserved to be!! 

Now that my kids have entered the world of cell phones and social media, I am glad that I went cold turkey to set an example in our house that phones and Facebook have a place in our lives but they need to be in used in moderation.  I didn’t want to be one of those parents who goes to their child’s sporting event but spends the entire time on their phone or blackberry!  I must admit that I rarely did that!  Instead, I was guilty of being tied day and night to my email, Facebook and twitter! 

Are you addicted to your cell phone, Facebook or Twitter page?  Tell us your story!

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