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Sep 10 2007

Let’s Get Ready for Tween FUN!

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I want to take the time to share a great site with you, one that just may be what you’ve been looking for: touts itself as the place “where moms buy tween-safe entertainment.” 
Goodness, just thinking about my children getting to the “tween” years is enough to scare me!  But, I know that my oldest daughter is already considered a tween <gasp>, and our youngest is nearing that age, too!
Then again, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that in this day and age, making sure my children read, listen and see age-appropriate media is a huge responsibility.  Even some of the commercials on television are enough to leave me running for the remote control! 
Here’s what Jeff Cooley, CEO and founder of says about his business: exists to provide an online safe haven for mom-approved tween entertainment. Your child is safe to browse, read about, and even listen to song samples from thousands of their favorite tween titles! empowers you as a parent to shop with purpose. Our comittment to you is that we will continue to build a counter-cultural platform for safe and age-appropriate tween entertainment.

I get excited when I go visit because I know that the books, videos and music that is offered is truly “family friendly.” 
And the talent that’s on is unbelievable!  My girls thought it was an amazing thing when they got to meet Mickey and his friends – can you imagine their elation when they were able to see some of their favorite celebrities like Chloe Spencer (  We read her interview aloud and the girls were ready to jump through the monitor to hug her!  And for moms, there are adult interviews, too….like the current one with Tricia Goyer:  Tricia is one of those wonderful ladies that you just want to sit across from at the kitchen table and laugh and enjoy such grand company. 
Know what that does?  It takes a huge load off of my shoulders.  It gives me a peace of mind about sharing these types of products with my girls.  It also allows me, as a mom, the opportunity to shop safely.  Without worrying where the remote control is!

I just read her MARVELOUS book:  A Valley of Betrayal and you can see my review of it on

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