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meet mrs. good and the cedar valley kids
Mrs. B. Good is a Kindergarten teacher in Wisconsin. She enjoys cheering for the Green Bay Packers, and riding her Harley-Davidson® motorcycle around town, and keeping in touch with her students.
Amy loves to talk. She enjoys playing dress up and dancing.
Bo plays the piano and dreams of becoming a doctor.
Omar likes swimming and building paper airplanes.
Rafferty plays football and wants to be a scientist.
Ricardo enjoys soccer and wants to be a fireman.
Tatiana takes tennis lessons and her favorite color is yellow.

Ms. Best is a First Grade teacher in Texas. Her hobbies include crafts, reading and photography. During her summer vacation, Ms. Best works as a librarian.
Mrs. Best
Barack likes to skateboard and go hiking with his family.
Chan collects rocks and is very proud that his collection has won a state wide competition.
Dallas loves cheerleading! She feels she has a perfect name for
her because she dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader!
Gabriella "Gabby" is what her friends call her. She loves people and along with her family is very active in helping in the Hurricane Katrina
Relief efforts.
Minda has a lovely voice which earned her a solo in her music program. Minda plans to pursue a career in music.
Sam is based on a real boy named Sam Mayer. Even though he has Down Syndrome he was able to read at age 3. He also learned his alphabet, his colors and could count to 10. He's proof that anything is possible as long as you try. Hard work, patience and persistence are key! Sam likes ice cream, going to the park, and hanging out with his family.


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