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Oct 24 2010

Let’s Get Ready For Baby & Kid Trends from the ABC Expo!

I missed being with Alison Rhodes at the ABC Kids Expo this year in Las Vegas.  After seeing the video, I feel like I got a taste of all the new hot trends in baby and kids products!

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May 26 2010

Join us on 05/26/10 with Author & Educator Donna Mavrides

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Donna graduated from Penn State University with degrees in both Early Childhood Education and in Developmental Psychology. For the past thirty years, she has been in the classroom teaching young children as  well as educating families about healthy child rearing practices, affective discipline, and effective teaching techniques . Writing children’s books has evolved as an extension of her passion for helping children to become dedicated, empathetic, enthusiastic, life time learners.  Donna is the proud mother of two wonderful young women, Jamie, a teacher and Nicole, a pediatric and adult psychiatrist.  Her son in law, Randy, is an important member of the family as are Donna’s energetic and terrific parents, Roz and Jack.  Oftentimes, Shana, the therapy dog, accompanies Donna as she visits with children during story times.

Donna believes that she has evolved into the person she is as a result of  her life experiences, meaningful moments, successes, hardships, trials, and interactions with caring, wonderful people as well as those less than lovelies, that we have all dealt with. Donna’s picture books are filled with beautiful and meaningful life lessons like believing in oneself, being kind, eternal love, accepting new ideas and people, and helping to preserve our wonderful world.

Please join Donna in helping build our children’s self confidence as we communicate our devotion to reading, to loving ourselves, our families and our friends.  Let’s read Donna’s books as we pledge to create a kinder and greener future for our children.  

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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Aug 12 2009

Please Join Us and Take Survey: What is Your First Aid IQ?

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Thank you for your participation!

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Jul 22 2009

Contests for Entrepreneurs!

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Perfect Business is having a pitch contest for a chance to pitch to Sir Richard Branson:


Win five business grants $50,000, $25,000 $15,000 or two $5,000 grants from, just share your story in a short essay on why you should be the Newpreneur of the Year at:


You can’t win if you don’t enter!  :-)

Smiles – Stacey

Stacey Kannenberg
“Ready To Learn Mom”

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Jul 09 2009

Let’s Get Ready for Back-to-School with our handy checklist:

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  • Empower your kids to help with shopping the sales for back to school clothes and supplies!
  • Get them to help with organizing closets!
  • Work with them to donate old backpacks and supplies!
  • Schedule annual doctor exam and immunizations!
  • Don’t forget annual exams with the dentist and eye doctor!
  • Stay on schedule with wake up and going to bed times over the summer to make the transition easier!
  • Keep reading over the summer!
  • Build in weekly learning activities at the museum, zoo and library!
  • Offer craft time and/or science experiment type activities!
  • Build in exercise everyday to replace recess time!
  • Stay current with PTA/PTO meetings and school activities over the summer!
  • Attend summer community events to continue to network with families from your school district!
  • Attend school board meetings!
  • Be active as a family in your community!
  • Schedule family play dates with classmates and their families to expand the family network – meeting at the beach, park, and library as a group to build a network of support for the entire family!  Children that have a huge network of support are more likely to succeed in school.  Parents need to help build that network to ensure the family is involved in education!

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Jul 06 2009

Let’s Get Ready For some Yummy Spoonfuls!!!

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How I wish Yummy Spoonfuls was on the market in 1999!!!  I would have been the biggest fan. 


Agatha and I have become friends from The Mom Entrepreneur Group and we swapped products.  I was thrilled to try it with my friend Sara’s twin girls Riley and Addy.  Sara was a bit worried because the girls are almost two and have become very independent.   They loved it – and I mean, they really, really loved all the yummy food!!!  No surprise that it was voted the Number ONE Baby Food by Cookie Magazine and was recently highlighted on CNN.  

To check out this inspiring story – CLICK HERE.

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Jun 22 2009

Let’s Get Ready for a Little Elementary School Incentive

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My webmaster wrote a post on her own blog, and I just *had* to share it with you!  I love it!!!! WOW!!! How hard would that be for each school district to give out $$  in a raffle, and each child than gets good attendance goes into the pool with a chance at winning some summer spending money!!! I mean we spend trillions of dollars on education on how many kids in the U.S.?  Why can’t SOME of that money go TO the kids, directly, to encourge them to continue being great students?!

Here’s Tammy’s Post:

DD#3 just finished the 2nd grade at the local public school.  During her award’s ceremony, she received a certificate for perfect attendance.

Yesterday in the mail, she received another award for that perfect attendance – a check in the amount of $200!!!  As I understand it, a member of the community graciously rewards second graders with such checks, if they have either perfect attendance or if they miss 1 or 2 days. 

I was dumbfounded and have never heard of such a thing before!  Of course, she refuses to share with me … and she won’t even consider buying her dad a Father’s Day gift with some of her funds.  She emphatically (and loudly) has stated that she’s saving her money to buy her very own LAPTOP.  Can a geeky mom really be upset about that?!

I think I’ll head back to second grade next year!

For More From my “Secret Weapon” Tammy, Click Here

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May 22 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Celebrate our Entrepreneurs!

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What an uplifting and powerful video!

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May 12 2009

Let’s Get Ready For Angie Ruark who will hit a cord with moms everywhere!

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I love this post and had to share!!! I could relate to it on so many levels and I also had to share your beautiful song too!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share this song that I wrote for my children. It’s about life and love!  Enjoy!!  ~ Angie Ruark:

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May 08 2009

Let’s Get Ready for Why Babies Have Mothers! Happy Mother’s Day!

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