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Nov 02 2009

One Entrepreneur’s Journey: Stacey Kannenberg of Cedar Valley Publishing from

This part of a series called “One Entrepreneur’s Journey,” where I’m talking with solo entrepeneurs about their successes (and failures) along the path of entrepreneurship.

In this interview, I’m talking with Stacey Kannenberg of Cedar Valley Publishing.  Stacey is the co-author of the award-winning books, Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten! and Let’s Get Ready for First Grade!, as well as a visionary entrepreneur.

In addition to her ongoing work within the education system, she’s also working to launch a “community makeover” program to help communities become self-sustaining and decrease local unemployment rates, as well as a “mom’s media company” with other moms and mom entrepreneurs.

We hope to get the opportunity to catch back up with Stacey to hear more about her latest ventures really soon.  Until then, here’s our first conversation, and as you’ll see, one person really does have the power to change the world.

Click Here to read more….by Amber Singleton Riviere at

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Oct 21 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Help the Today Show Holiday Gift Drive!

I have been donating books for the past three years now to the Today Show Holiday Gift Drive!   See the following letter for more information:


Thank you so much for your past participation in the TODAY Holiday Gift Drive. This year, in these uncertain economic times, your partnership is greatly needed. We hope you can help us make our 16th Annual Holiday Toy Drive a great success.

Last Holiday season, we spread Holiday cheer to more than 3 million children in more than 200 domestic, non-profit family charities.  For many, the Today show is the sole source of gifts. We hope to have your generous support again this year. 

As in the past, there is no minimum or maximum donation.  Contributions range from $100 to more than $3 million retail value.  We are also able to accept cash contributions to the non-profit Today Show Charitable Foundation to help offset the administrative costs of our effort. The Today Show Charitable Foundation is a 501-c3 organization.  All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We need non-violent toys, books, and electronic games, as well as board games, school supplies, sports equipment, music CD’s, CD players, videos, computers, computer software and other items suitable for children from infants up to age 18. Gifts for boys of all ages, and teens of both genders are most needed.

Participants should prepare a list of items to be donated, quantity, and for what age and gender. Your donation will be matched to the “wish lists” from our non-profits.  In most cases, you ship directly to the recipients.  We can honor requests for a specific preference for a region, type of organization, or limited shipments.

As in the past, there is no on-air promotion in exchange for gifts. Depending on show needs, on-air appearances may be very limited.  However, we hope to thank as many of our friends in the corporate world as possible in short appearances with Today’s cast members.  All our donors will be listed on

We have built some wonderful friendships through the years and hope you extend an invitation to clients who have contributed in the past, and invite new partners as well. 

Your contribution is important to us.  We hope to work with you again this year. 

Best wishes,

Sam Sagenkahn and Kate Cook
TODAY Holiday Gift Drive

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Oct 13 2009

Get Ready to Learn Mom Stacey Kannenberg’s Guest on 10/14 is Jill Hart on Toginet Radio

Jill Hart will be on our 10/14 show with her new book, hot off the press:  So You Want to be a Work-At-Home Mom.

Home-based businesses are estimated to be a $427 billion-a-year industry. In recent studies it was found that as many as 105 million people in North America alone were working at home. Considering this information, it is obvious that home-based businesses can be successful — and authors Jill Hart and Diana Ennen will help you succeed with your own.

So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom details all the basics of starting a business in a spiritual, motivational, and comprehensive manner. From deciding what type of business to start to keeping your family and faith first, this helpful tool details every aspect of establishing a business. With proven success tips utilized by the authors and others who own work-at-home businesses, this inspiration approach will provide you with the resources you need to start your own home-based business.

So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom includes:

  • Detailed information on types of businesses to start
  • Ideas for setting up your workspace
  • Assistance in starting and operating your business
  • Definitions and descriptions of work-at-home terminology and processes
  • Help for developing your Web site
  • Explanations of the business “nuts and bolts,” including bookkeeping, taxes, and more
  • “How to” for marketing your business

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home Moms, the co-host of the live internet radio show, “The CWAHM Network,” and the publisher of Jill has published many articles and is a contributing author in Laundry Tales, The Business Mom Guide Book, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Faith Deployed. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies. She resides in Nebraska with her husband and their two children.

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Oct 07 2009

Stacey Kannenberg, Publisher of Books Prepares Children for School from WE Magazine

Meet Stacey Kannenberg, CEO of Cedar Valley Publishing in Fredonia, WI

Stacey Kannenberg is an author, publisher, speaker, motivator, consultant, blogger, keynote, spokesperson and Mom CEO.  As the “Ready to Learn Mom”, Stacey is a nationally renowned education expert and award-winning author, with an expertise in children’s education and “Mom entrepreneurial ship.”  Mrs. Kannenberg is the Founder and CEO of two publishing companies:  Cedar Valley Publishing and Stacey Kannenberg Unlimited, an imprint of Cedar Valley Publishing.

Stacey is the co-author of the award-winning and state approved, Let’s Get Ready Series with Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! and Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!   Stacey just released the highly anticipated Spanish/English Bilingual Edition of Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!  iA Prepararse Para Kindergarten!  Her books are truly making a difference with parents, kids, educators and schools!

Stacey is proud that her books have sold over 60,000 copies, are 100% made in America, are used inside over 400 school districts nationwide, have been reviewed by over 700 mom bloggers – and Cedar Valley Publishing was recently voted as a top 50 Children’s Publisher for 2009!  Cedar Valley Publishing donates 10% of all book sales back to literacy foundations and schools!

 Stacey is the publisher of two books by Syndicated Columnist and National Radio Host/Personality, Jodie Lynn.  Jodie’s titles are Syndication Secrets and Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! Stacey is also the publisher of the soon to be released books by Barb Rockaway:  Mommy, Where are You? and Daddy, Where are You? These books are to help a child deal with the death of a parent. 

To help support her publishing business, Stacey is also a Principal, Consultant and the Chief Connecting Officer for Mom Central Consulting, as well as the Vice President of Mother Talk, where she specializes in viral, grassroots and word-of-mouth marketing to brands, businesses, authors and publishers. She uses her 22+ years of expertise to help her clients reach their goals.  Mrs. Kannenberg is also a media favorite with her extensive television segments, magazine, newspapers and hundreds of radio interviews! 

Cedar Valley Publishing sells award-winning books, including Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!, Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! and a Spanish/English version of Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!

The books that Cedar Valley Publishing sells to schools, families, book stores and libraries is the main business model of the company.

Stacey Kannenberg is first and foremost, Mom to Heidi, 10 and Megan, eight and wife to Michael and resides in Fredonia, WI.

You can learn more about Stacey Kannenberg and her business at

Connect online at:

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Oct 06 2009

Get Ready to Learn Mom Stacey Kannenberg’s Guest on 10/7 is Josephine Geraci on Toginet Radio

A former Wall Street executive, My Mom Knows Best, Inc. founder Josephine Geraci has always been a problem solver. Her extensive professional experience includes senior level marketing positions at top financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch and Pershing. She was instrumental in helping to establish Lionheart Research, Inc., one of the industry’s first “boutique” firms, which specialized in aerospace and defense equity research. Josephine was also the founder of The Jerry Cantwell Brain Tumor Foundation and raised $100,000 for brain cancer research.

Like many women, Josephine put her “professional” career on hold after the birth of her first child and turned her attention to being a full-time mother. Three kids later, Josephine found herself dismayed by a lack of information about protecting kids from germs in public places.

So, translating her business skills into her job as a stay-at-home mother, Josephine began to work on a product that would protect children from potentially harmful microorganisms that lurk in public places. The idea for “gLovies®” was born, and My Mom Knows Best, Inc. was formed.

In the years that followed, Josephine refined her product, lining it with plastic, making it waterproof, and adding an elastic band to secure it gently to a toddler’s tiny wrists. She invented three playful penguins, CJ, Gaga, and Niki, to adorn the exterior.

gLovies® (Patent Pending) is the first in a line of My Mom Knows Best products, developed to help parents and caregivers keep their children well and happy.

Our second “Get Ready to Learn Mom” is Jill Starishevsky, Author of My Body Belongs to Me.

Jill Starishevsky is an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, where she has prosecuted hundreds of sex offenders and dedicated her career to seeking justice for victims of child abuse and sex crimes. Outside the courtroom, Jill’s fondness for writing led her to create, where she pens personalized pieces. Her mission to protect children, along with her penchant for poetry, inspired My Body Belongs to Me. A mother of two, Jill is also founder of, a service that enables parents to purchase a license plate for their child’s stroller so the public can report positive or negative nanny observations.

Jill wrote My Body Belongs to Me to teach children that they don’t have to endure abuse in silence. Parents and educators should use it as a tool to facilitate an open dialogue with youngsters.

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Oct 01 2009

Brilliant Essence presents Stacey – The Jerry Seinfeld of Education from Blog Talk Radio

Vision, passion and drive would best characterize Stacey Kannenberg in a nutshell! She’s got ideas like you won’t believe, she exudes a sens of being that can only be qualified as contagious and yet she talks to you like you’re her new found friend! Join Astrid and Quinni as they pick Stacey’s brain into the stars!

Click Here to Play this Blog Talk Radio Interview!

For more on Stacey, visit:,,,

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Sep 25 2009

Let’s get ready to show your kids your love:

  1. Tell your child everyday that you love them!
  2. Hug and kiss your child in the morning and at night!
  3. Have open-ended conversations with your child each and every day!
  4. Read together!
  5. Laugh together!
  6. Play together!
  7. Be together!

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Sep 14 2009

Stacey Kannenberg’s Top 7 Free Marketing Techniques

  1. Take “Google Alerts” out for your name and company and also on “keywords” that target your marketing niche.  I have Google Alerts on “kindergarten” and “Let’s Get Ready for School”.  Everyday Google sends me a list of free leads that tag all the stories and blogs that include my key word(s).  Those leads are for journalists and bloggers who tell you amazing details – like a school just received 1 million dollars for their early education program. 
  2. Post genuine comments on those blogs contributing to the conversation, not “buy me, buy me, buy me” but  “I see you are worried about your son going to Kindergarten; I would love to send him a set of my books to enjoy!”  It works and that’s how I developed relationships with those 700+ mom blog reviews–they are priceless!  Yes, giving away products will come back to you!!! I want those bloggers to have my books to see and touch and share with someone else, because EVERYONE knows a TEACHER!  Those blogs are amazing, many with pictures of their kids with my books and actually quotes from the kids playing with them!  They will live forever on-line and increase, as I like to call it, your “Google Footprint” or the number of records on the search engines.  This is free and natural SEO.
  3. Elevate your platform by networking with movers and shakers in your industry.  If you want to be an author, start reviewing your favorite author’s books on Amazon. Put yourself in a position to network with and meet other authors! I reviewed Jim Stovall’s Ultimate Gift on Amazon and a few years later he emailed me asking if I would like an advanced copy of Keeper of the Flame.  A few weeks ago he sent me a nice note with The King’s Legacy.  PRICELESS connection that elevates my platform too! 
  4. Belong to all the free sites for media leads:  HelpaReporterOut ; PitchRate; and Reporter’s Source to name a few.  I have been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows, over 30 parenting magazines, over 30 television segments and 15 newspapers!  Can you say free publicity and free credibility?
  5. Develop a platform to be bigger than you – for me it’s about educating preschoolers at the core to empower parents, kids and teachers to all be involved.  If you teach a child to wear their seatbelt they will re-teach and train everyone to wear it too.  If you teach a child what they need to know for preschool, they will empower their parents to be involved in the process every step of the way!  “Mom, let’s practice shapes and colors because I need to know them for Kindergarten!”  I am creating a brand that will live long after me!!  When parents, kids and teachers think Kindergarten they are starting to think of my books!  So my goal is to be the “Good Night Moon” of Kindergarten!
  6. Become the expert and pitch your local media to develop long-term relationships and start your media platform.  The local media can help you grow to the national media.  Many of my favorite local media stars are now some of my biggest fans!!  I would never have gotten this far without all their support!  I am honored to be a regular on Milwaukee’s TMJ4 and was a keynote along with TMJ4’s anchor Susan Kim, who was the Emcee.
  7. Create social networking profiles on all the sites that match your target market as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  I am on over 40+ sites.  Even the sites that I am not active in get traffic.  I have one that has over 24,000 page views, another over 5,000, 6,000, 150 — now times that by 40 and that’s free exposure for YOU!  The more people that know your name, the bigger you will be!  The best compliment I get is – I see you “everywhere”!

Here is a list of my favorite FREE resources:

For running your business:

For daily marketing tips:

For social media:

For free media:

For a killer media list from Rick at Author 101 University:

  • An unlikely, but helpful source for local media is the official website for the American Academy of Family Physicians at
  • Select a state on the map and you will be provided with a list of print and broadcast media.

For networking – geared for mom entrepreneurs:

  • The Mom Entrepreneur
  • Woman Business Owners
  • Woman Owned Businesses
  • Savor the Success
  • Twitter Moms
  • eWomen Network
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Work It
  • Working Mother
  • Work At Home Moms
  • Home Based Working Moms
  • Moms in Business
  • Start Up Princess
  • Make Mine a Million
  • The Joy of Connecting
  • Mom Inventors
  • Moms Town
  • Hybrid Moms
  • Moms-for-Profit
  • BlogHer

For social networking and marketing:

My biggest tip: Take advantage of all the free resources on-line!

Stacey Kannenberg
“Ready To Learn Mom”

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Sep 10 2009

Stacey Kannenberg’s Toginet Radio Show with Special Guest Margie Zable Fisher

Margie Zable Fisher is a marketing and PR wonder-woman!  Please visit Stacey Kannenberg’s page on and listen to all of the fabulous information that Margie shared with us about getting yourself seen and heard by the masses!  Just look for the Recent Shows  link on the right!

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Sep 07 2009

Let’s Get Ready For Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day, a day to celebrate our work force!  Sadly, many American’s are struggling and feeling the pinch of a down economy, millions losing their jobs and cutting back on goods and services.  We certainly are in the Kannenberg household.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your children about tightening the purse strings and ask for help in cutting back. 

This weekend we have been doing some fall cleaning as a family.  Heidi and Megan are excited to donate old toys and too small clothes in the hopes of making other children happy!

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