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Aug 24 2010

Let’s Get Ready To Love the ISafeBag!

When I was asked to review the ISafeBag (; I could hardly wait to receive it.  It was invented by an entrepreneur in the Chicago area after he heard a news story about a woman walking on the street at night who was raped by four guys.  He was so upset by this story that he decided to do something to help protect women and kids from abductors, muggers and rapists…and even your run-of-the-mill school yard bullies!  I love that he was inspired to take ACTION!!!

Essentially, the ISafeBag looks like a regular backpack but underneath a flap on the right strap is a rip cord that, when pulled, activates a LOUD alarm (equivalent to a car alarm) and a strobe light.  It will sound for two hours so it’s also wonderful for campers or hikers who are lost.  It works on two nine volt batteries and the weight and price of this back pack is similar to any other back pack BUT this offers PEACE OF MIND!!

Ironically, on the day it arrived, I had received an email alert that an alleged kidnapper was on the loose in our tiny community. I am not kidding! The alert contained a picture of a man who looked very familiar as someone we had all recognized as seeing before in our small town.  I work from home so I turned on our home security alarm.  When it was time to walk down to the mailbox, our lovely babysitter and neighbor (who we all love like a family member) Amanda (Photo by Heidi Kannenberg) wore the ISafeBag Sling Bag and pulled the ripcord.  


It’s LOUD and will definitely scare away a predator and get attention!  My girls reminded me that it will also scare away the coyotes who have been getting braver and braver, and the recent black bears that have been seen in our neighborhood too!   I just reminded the girls that it was not a toy, but a tool. 

So the ISafeBag isn’t just for back to school for kids and college students; it’s perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, biking and other outdoor adventures, the zoo, the park, shopping and any place you need a little extra PEACE OF MIND! 

We all love the ISafeBag!  Please share it with your loved ones too!

Smiles – Stacey

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary ISafe Bag for this review. No other compensation was provided.

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Feb 27 2009

Let’s Get Ready for some playdough to help this mom/daughter team on their mission work!

Neon Play Dough Fundraiser

Who:    My name is Ruthie Gilmore-Benedict

Contact Info:                


P.O. Box 171132
Boise, Idaho 83717-1132
Email me at: and Please visit: 

Why: Coming This Summer 2009…a special trip to Guatemala City!

The Mission Trip Info:

Sponsored by BRIO Magazine, a youth oriented service trip is being planned for Central America, and I would like to go! I need to raise $3,000.00 so that I can participate in this awesome opportunity.  Will you help me?

What I can do for you:

I am beginning my personal online business in order to raise funds for my Summer ’09 mission trip.  My product is NEON PLAY DOUGH. I have various sets or a pound of play dough for great prices.  It’s all hand-made, and it lasts a long time.  Just ask my four-year old sister…I can also do other projects.  For example: I clean and organize kitchens, bathrooms, friend’s bedrooms and garages really well.  I can paint a room or Baby-sit your kids. Just ask my mom…I can also make a great homemade pizza dinner for you and your family.  FREE DELIVERY in the local area of course! 

Product/web site:

Regular or Neon Color Single Pack = $3.00    

Regular or Neon Color Pack=$10.00 

Both Color Packs=$20.00

*SPECIAL OFFER:   Join my “Recurring Shipment Program” for Neon Play Dough to be shipped to your mailbox on the first of  every month!!!!

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Dec 04 2008

Let’s Get Ready for a Countdown to an Educational Christmas! Book Recommendation #4

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Hurry Home

Help Our Vets

I wrote hurry home to tell the story of all our military children who endure long separations from their parents. I have a desire to get the military kids the book for free and then to donate a portion of the profits back to charities who help our returning veterans.

Click Here for more information on this great book!

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Dec 03 2008

Let’s Get Ready for a Countdown to an Educational Christmas! Book Recommendation #3

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Let’s Get Ready for First Grade

Finally a book that’s geared to the First Grader that’s easy to read and comprehensive! Learn about everything in the First Grade curriculum from the three branches of government, the solar system, addition, subtraction, and punctuation to vowel sounds. A first-rate book for every First Grader! Let”s Get Ready For First Grade, written by and for parents, kids and teachers, features 40 pages of wonderfully illustrated core First Grade curriculum. Intended for use by small children, the book is easy to hold, interactive and very durable   Meet Ms. Best and the delightful Cedar Valley Kids.   For more information about ordering for schools or fundraisers, please call 920-994-9906 or e-mail us.

 Click Here to Purchase this Educational book

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Dec 02 2008

Let’s Get Ready for a Countdown to an Educational Christmas! Book Recommendation #2

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Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten!

A brightly illustrated, interactive Kindergarten book that features the core curriculum.

We’re proud to be chosen as an outstanding quality product that supports family values by Parent to Parent . Look for us in their Adding Wisdom Award winners circle. Read the praise from Midwest Book Review. Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten, written by and for parents, kids and teachers, features 32 pages of wonderfully illustrated core Kindergarten curriculum. Intended for use by small children, the book is easy to hold, interactive and very durable

Meet Mrs. Good and the delightful Cedarvalley Kids.

Click Here to Purchase this Educational book 

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Dec 01 2008

Let’s Get Ready for a Countdown to an Educational Christmas! Book Recommendation #1

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Oscar the Pig:  Mommy Goes To Work!

This is a great book to help children deal with Mommy going back to work.  My kids were lucky because I worked from home around their schedule, but we did have in-house help!! I wish we would have had this book for them when they were little!! It would have been a great visual for them to understand the concept of mommy working!  Check it out on Amazon at:


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Oct 21 2008

Meet Sheila and her Love Prints – Bonus: Love Prints Contest!

Meet Sheila of Love Prints

Tell us a little about you . . .

My name is Sheila McGoldrick and I am a mom to three fabulous kiddies. Their ages are six, four and one. I am married to my high school sweetheart, who makes me laugh every day. I am truly blessed and I take nothing for granted. I am also the mom-inventor of the Handy Burpee and the Handy Burp’ems, which are new style burp cloths with a protective covering for your hand ans protects baby, as well, from wearing spit-up.

You can find my product at, all Babies R’ Us locations nationwide, and with more stores to come. We are very proud at successful they have been so far.

Is it mom-owned, invented, created . . .?

Absolutely! I was a mom in pain and totally invented it out of necessity! I had an allergic reaction to a preservative in their washes and wipes and needed something to protect myself from constantly wearing spit-up and washing my hands. It has worked perfectly for me and figured I could surely help others if I just followed my dream of getting them out there.

A little about your entrepreneur journey so far?

Well, it has been a four year journey so far. I invented my product in September of 04’ and it was not until September of 06’ when I launched my site. I had so much wonderful feedback from family and friends and orders were coming in for more. Someone asked me about a website and then I thought that would be great to get them out there nationwide. So in October of 2006 we launched Love Prints. Some people could not quite get the name, but to me my kiddies little hand and foot prints are my Love Prints and it was a perfect fit for me and reminds me of them and why I started this journey. I was selling, advertising, going to craft shows, applied for my non-provisional patent, filed it and continued on selling and advertising. Then in February of 08’ WE WERE FOUND. A large manufacturer of baby and children’s products found me on where they were being sold. She ordered and tested it on herself with her baby and FELL IN LOVE with them. WOW, what a huge compliment coming from such a large company. I actually re-designed the original Handy Burpee at that time and added a dribble catcher pocket to catch those quicker and larger spit-ups. What a wonderful addition and it really added to the protection of the burp cloth. They name was also changed to Handy Burp’ems to go with the added feature. I trademarked the name and filed for my provisional patent. We are now in the patent pending stage.

Win a Handy Burp’ ems from Love Prints!
(We’re giving away two!)

Here’s how . . .

1. Check out Love Prints at
2. Come back here and leave a comment telling us your favorite pattern.
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This blog post was copied with permission from Mommy’s Idea:

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Aug 19 2008

ANNOUNCING the Spanish & English “Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten!”

Spanish & English

BRAND NEW!!!  Spanish & English “Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten!”
Pre-Order Your Copy Today – Click Here

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Dec 10 2007

Sally Huss Educational Gifts

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There’s something to be said for overt educational gifts – such as giving a child a dictionary or a book that they need for school.
But, by gifting a child with something that is educational, yet they don’t know it — well, I just chalk that up to the spoils of parenting! 
I love to give my girls gifts that are meaningful to them, but also have a bit of fun and education involved, too.  A couple of years ago, I found a website that offered books for kids.  Not written books, but blank books with hard covers and the crayons to go with them.  These were some of the best-received books that my kids have ever seen!  They played with them, used their fabulous imaginations to fill in the pages and they created stories that made my heart stop.  They used their wonderful minds to show me how their worlds come together, how they think, how they feel and what’s important to them.
This year, I found the cutest gifts to give to them – again, with my parent-whirling mind, I know that the educational aspects are far from visible to a child’s eye … but, the underlying notion is that Heidi and Megan will learn from these things, too.
Sally Huss is an artist, author, book illustrator and speaker.  Her website says:
“My name is Sally Huss and I am a full time artist/designer from Del Mar, California. I graduated from USC with a fine arts degree and have been a professional artist for over 20 years. Besides my original paintings, I have licensed my designs for clothing, baby products, and stationary products. Recently King Features Syndicate in New York licensed my “Happy Musings”, positive upbeat thoughts as a feature panel for distribution to newspapers throughout the US. To view my original art please checkout
<insert this image>
Let’s see.  ummm.  Sally is US.  She’s you and me!  She’s taking her passions in life and earning an income from them.  What’s *not* educational about that?!  And her inspiration is … well, it’s inspiring.  Take a look at this print: … and this one:  Ah, doesn’t that just make you want to grab your kids and hug them until they giggle?! 
Sally Huss’s work is my educational gift idea today.  Go visit her at or at

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