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Sep 13 2010

Let’s Get Ready For a Costume Swap from &!

It may seem early to be talking about Halloween, but one of the best ways to celebrate green is by planning ahead.

In 2009, $4.75 billion was expected to be spent by consumers for Halloween. And you can bet that this spending ultimately results in a lot of waste, some of which is attributed to costumes.

Swapping half the costumes that kids wear at Halloween would reduce annual landfill waste by 6,250 tons, equal to the weight of 2500 mid-sized cars, says Bob Lilienfield of

Millions of parents buy new costumes each year wanting to fulfill their childrens’ fantasies. But like a wedding day, in general, costumes are worn once, then thrown away. Relatively small numbers are kept in dress up boxes and reused or donated to thrift shops. Most are likely sent to the dump.

So this year, why not make a boo-ti-ful Halloween resolution and swap?

It’s easy to plan a family or neighborhood swap. Just sent out e-invites inviting guests to bring outgrown costumes in good condition. Make it a party by adding activities like the design-a-bag contest from ChicoBag where your kids can win $250 for them and the same for their schools. Or dunk for apples, make goodie bags or add other Halloween/seasonal games. Or how about staging a fashion show with kids wearing their new-to-them outfits!

If you’re interested in staging or attending a public event where more costume choices should be available, check out where you’ll find a database of swaps plus tips on how to set one up.

Add another aspect to a public swap by teaming with a non-profit. Charge a small swapping fee that goes to your partner.

And if you can’t make it to a swap or there is none in your area, the internet comes to your rescue. Do a search for “costume swap” or “clothing swap” and you’ll likely find online alternatives.

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Aug 30 2010

Let’s Get Ready For Back To School Extravaganza!

Our back to school ritual involves Back-to-School shopping.  Every year (this was our 6th year) my daughters Heidi, now 11 and Megan, now 9 and our next door neighbor/big sister/babysitter/who has known the girls since day one, Amanda, who is now 17 and I go shopping.  This isn’t just shopping we turn it into a fashion show extravaganza and involving many times the entire store.   Honestly, I hate shopping and so do my girls.  But years ago I decided to tell the girls we would be having a fashion show with their favorite person in the entire world, Amanda.  We went from “fit n’tears” to “fun n’laughs” just by making it into a special event – a few stores for a few hours and lunch in a nice restaurant.   They gear up to the event with the girls painting their nails and picking out a special outfit to wear shopping and Amanda does their hair.  So they “feel” special for picking out even more “special outfits”.

We only go to a few stores and each of us takes one girl and we work with the help of a sales person with that girl.  This year we had one sales girl who keep going in the back room and finding us the cutest clothes that I would never have found on the rack in a million years.  Once the girls explain what they want – I have learned that if my girls really, really don’t love it and they are only buying it to please me – they will NOT wear it; so now we explain to the salesperson we want A line waistlines from one girl that cover her appropriately and will not show her belly button when she raises her hand in class and more fitted outfits for the other girl with the same description that they need to be covered appropriately and honestly, the salesperson does all of the work.  We have so much fun the manager and a bunch of salesreps usually gets involved too helping us decide which ones we should select.  The girls feel special and love the attention!    We have stores that remember us each year and enjoy the “fun and excitement” we bring back to Back-to-School shopping.  

The key for me, everyone needs an Amanda and salesreps who enjoy their jobs!!

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Aug 12 2010

Let’s Get Ready to be a character in the latest “Cynthia’s Attic”

Choose A Character For Cynthia’s Attic: Book Five!

Want to choose a character to be in the next Cynthia’s Attic book? Here’s how!


Listed at are 10 Cynthia’s Attic characters the author, Mary Cunningham, is considering for a recurring role in Book Five. Leave a comment with your choice and an explanation as to why you think the character deserves to return. Mary choose one winner based on the most compelling reason.

What do you win? First is the Cynthia’s Attic book of your choice. You can wait for Book Five (title coming soon!) or you can choose one of the first four titles. Now for the really fun part. If your character and comment is chosen, you’ll also become a character in the book!

Click Here for More Information!

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Aug 06 2010

Let’s get ready for the Baby Dipper!

Recently, Barb was a guest on my radio show and we were discussing how her Baby Dipper would be perfect for special needs families.  Well, check out this review, by a mom of a special needs 5-year-old child:

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Aug 05 2010

Let’s get Ready to help WINGS!

Rebuild a charity resale shop that supports abused women and children. 

WINGS Program, Inc.

Founded in 1985, the WINGS Program (Women in Need Growing Stronger) provides shelter and support for women and children who are escaping homelessness or domestic violence. WINGS has 24 transitional homes and an emergency domestic violence shelter in suburban Chicago.

Right now, Wings is trying to win the Pepsi Grant for $250,000 which would really help rebuild the resale store.  Could you please take a few minutes of your time to visit the link below and vote for Wings to receive the funds?  Also, please feel free to share this wonderful cause.  Thank you sooo much!!!

Vote to give this idea 250K: Rebuild a charity resale shop that supports abused women and children.

Together, we can make this happen!!!

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Jul 01 2010

Congratulations to Lorie @Clutterdiet and her National Movement to #Donate, #Donate, #Donate!

Big Announcement: Join Me in Supporting Goodwill’s Donate Movement!

I am so excited and pleased to announce that The Clutter Diet® is partnering with Goodwill Industries International to launch the Donate Movement! Visit to see all of the details. I am in Tacoma today serving as their national spokesperson and ambassador of the movement, speaking at the launch event and doing a radio media tour, and soon you’ll see our Public Service Announcement commercials airing all over the country.

You can get a sneak peek now on YouTube! We have three PSAs, one featuring me and a bunch of stuff popping into my outstretched hands… and the other two explaining more about the choices we make about our stuff and the impact they have.

“Just as there are things you recycle, there are things you donate” (the one I’m in)

“Donations = Chances” showing the impact your donations have

“Think Twice: Donate for Your Community and the Environment” showing the choices we make every day that make a difference

Many people get organized and donate their household items without ever considering the impact those donations are having on their neighborhoods and the world. We want to create a culture of Conscious Donation, and have people consider where they are making their donations of belongings as carefully as they would consider where they are making a financial donation.

Did you know that, according to a survey we just commissioned, we found that for every one item of clothing consumers donate, they have at least 30 more that are ready to be donated? Get organized, get that stagnant stuff out of your house, and use it to put people to work and build strong families and communities! Visit to see the impact of your donations on people and the planet. And if you need help getting organized, you know our expert team can help anybody, affordably, from anywhere… Read more about our Clutter Diet®  program that gives you the tools and support you need at less than the cost of a pizza.

Oh, and PS: I purchased the fabulous red shirt I am wearing in the commercial at my local Goodwill store on Lake Austin Boulevard!  :)

Look for the Donate icon on Levi’s care tags (and other partners’ products coming soon)! And watch for tweets with the #Donate hashtag!

Thanks so much from Lorie from The Clutter Diet!

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May 28 2010

I love this tribute created by Harley Davidson and for Memorial Day!

Freedom is never FREE. Thank you to all of our military and their families for the ultimate sacrifice of serving our country.  We salute YOU for protecting the precious gift of freedom!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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May 27 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend – Buckle Up!

What a powerful video to remind you that seat belts save lives!

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May 24 2010

Speak Up for Education & Kids Campaign

Please show support of teachers on May 26, 2010 for Speak Up for Education & Kids Campaign to support #EducationJobsFund. National Call-in Day 1-866-608-6355 please tell our national education leaders to stop cuts to education –

I was so honored to be selected as the Wisconsin Delegate at Mom Congress in DC earlier this month and invited to the Wisconsin Engagement Summit on Saturday to meet with the Governor, First Lady and Secretary of Education to empower parents, kids and teachers to be involved in education.

Our children’s quality education is under threat from budget cuts– music and arts programs, bus routes, sports, extracurricular activities, books, crossing guards, special needs, gifted and talented and foreign language programs are all on the cutting block–and teacher layoffs could mean perhaps as many as 35 or 45 students per classroom.  

This is not the answer!   Students need individual attention, not crowded classrooms and fewer educators, to succeed in the 21st century and help keep America competitive.  It’s not just failing schools that need our help!!  Gwen Samuel, the Mom Congress Delegate from Connecticut is fighting to keep a top 10 HIGH PERFORMANCE school OPEN.  It serves over 70% minority, 20% ESL, 10% disabilities and it is on the chopping block to close!  We need your help to get the message out to parents to get involved!! School should be replicated not closed!Their excuse the budget.SBCTA is convener of event

For more information on this important legislation visit:

Here is a sample to share with your social networking sites: 

National Call-in Day 5/26/10 to Speak Up for Education & Kids to stop cuts! Yes to #EducationJobsFund 1-866-608-6355

Thank you so much for your help and support!

Smiles – Stacey

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Apr 14 2010

Please Join Brenda Novak and the 2010 Auciton for Diabetes Research

Let’s Get Ready to Help Brenda Novak and her amazing goal to break the $1 Million mark for her 2010 Online Auction for Diabetes Research. 


If you are a book lover like I am, you will find some amazing autographed copies from some of your favorite authors!! 

Bid often for a great cause and bid on a set of our books for your favorite child heading off to school this year!

Brenda will be giving away some incredible prizes to keep things fun and light, drawing from those who place bids each day, so definitely register and shop because everyone is eligible! There are some fabulous items that would make great gifts up for grabs, and with your help, we should break the $1 million mark this year.



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