Believe it or not, I’ve never had a home security system before. Coming from me, I know that sounds crazy, but for years I had dogs, which I always considered to be my alarms, as well as smoke detectors and CO detectors.

Well, my dogs died and, what finally occurred to me is that while it’s great that I’m alerted that there’s fire, smoke or potentially high levels of carbon monoxide, no one else knows! It’s not as if this was wired to the fire department or police department.

So, this past weekend I had an ADT Pulse home monitoring system installed. I can’t believe how cool it is! This doesn’t just tell you if someone’s coming in the door, this lets me actually control lights, thermostat and view live video of my house from my iPhone and laptop! I’m really just learning how to use all of it (my kids think it’s incredibly cool as well) but already this has been useful. I recently hired a new babysitter. She’s very sweet and, while I checked her out and called references, I really didn’t know her. Within a week of her starting I had to take a business trip to Indiana for the day. With this new system I was able to go to an app on my iPhone and view live video of her playing with them in the playroom! Then, I actually decided to have some fun with my kids. I will admit, we’re all really bad about remembering to turn off lights around the house (I’m trying to get better about this.) As they were sitting in the playroom with the babysitter, I was able to turn off the overhead light through my computer. As soon as I did it I called them from Indiana and asked them why the light went off. Now they really do think Mom sees everything! Seriously though, this gives me extra peace of mind when I’m working or away from the kids. I know exactly where they are and that they’re safe. I can even program the system to take a picture of whoever comes in or out of the doors. And, if I’m nervous about an appliance being left on I can be sure that it’s now turned off even when I’m away from home. Not only is this a safety device but, now that I can be sure lights are turned off and the thermostat is more controlled, I can save some money.

Stay tuned next week once I’ve played more with the system and learn other great ways of using it!

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