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Jan 19 2011

Let’s Get Ready to Stop Hate Speech!

I am a solo mom entrepreneur who is currently taking some time off to deal with my own mother’s terminal colon cancer, so you can image how upset I was with Madison, WI’s Sly on the Radio and his outrageous comments that were replayed by Milwaukee’s 620WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes yesterday and today.  To listen to these comments and judge for yourself: Click here to listen to the comments from the talk show segment, provided by Milwaukee radio station WTMJ.

So in the spirit of Sly on the Radio mocking Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s efforts to make cold calls to businesses in the state of Illinois to drum up business for the State of Wisconsin, yesterday I made cold calls to Sly’s own sponsors listed on the front page of his own website, to see how they felt about his comments.  Of course, being business owners not one of them agreed with his comments.  I was even more upset when WTDY Web program director Rex Charger defended the appropriateness of Sylvester’s remarks.

“It was obvious sarcasm and was not intended to be taken literally.”

So Charger if you stand by the remarks than answer this question…which part was sarcasm?

Being outraged that she is picking up the phone to cold call businesses in Illinois?

Calling her a “pantie entrepreneur” as if you can’t run a successful business from your basement and is if panties are some how unneeded or beneath him?

Or would you call it sarcasm to say that Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor got her job by performing “fellatio acts”?

Or is it called “sarcasm” to mock Rebecca Kleefisch’s colon cancer? 

To quote WTDY’s own site on a recent story that made headlines in Wisconsin:  “The man that attacked a beer truck with a metal pipe has committed a great sin in Wisconsin. This is a HATE crime.”

Thus I would not label it “sarcasm” instead I would call it HATE SPEECH. 

I had a great time cold calling Sly’s sponsors!  They are all small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their own businesses going by utilizing advertising to bring in customers, regardless of their own political views.   Many of them have the same views that I do on government and business:  we can’t run a successful business if we are $14 trillion in debt and owe our debt to our own competitor, in America’s case:  China.    I certainly met some great businesses in my cold calling yesterday and one thing is for sure, we can all agree that we are united in the power of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship made our country great and it is what will keep our country great!  I will echo what many of them said to me yesterday:  At least we have a Lt. Governor who is willing to pick up the phone on behalf of Wisconsin!

I challenge Sly to pick up the phone to learn more about his own advertisers because if their advertising dollars dry up, will he even care enough to find out why?

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