Nov 19 2010

Let’s Get Ready To Weigh In…!

Do you think paying this University Professor a Million Dollar salary is outrageous or just good business? Leave a comment and let us know your opinion!

Clark Atlanta University’s president made a million in 2008. That’s outrageous

At the time, those moves provoked widespread controversy on campus – a group even took Broadnax to court – but they seemed necessary. Now, it turns out that the hatchet man who was cutting classes and hiking tuitions was paid more than a million dollars in 2008, according to a new survey in the Chronicle of Higher Education (via The Daily Beast). (Broadnax is 22nd on the list.) That’s simply outrageous.

2:33 pm November 15, 2010, by ctucker

When Walter Broadnax took the helm of one of Atlanta’s historically black colleges – Clark Atlanta University – in 2002, the school, he said, was in financial trouble. So he set about laying off professors, shutting down some programs and increasing the tuition.

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