Nov 02 2010

Let’s Get Ready To VOTE TODAY!

I take every Election Day very seriously and am proud to exercise my freedom to vote.  Since I was 18, I have missed one Spring Election during college and one Primary Election during the early years of marriage; both to the flu.  Do you realize more people in this country vote for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars than vote in our elections?  Please don’t stand on the sidelines; think of all those military heroes who have serviced or who have died for your right to cast your vote.  I do understand that folks are upset that those who spend the most money on advertising…win!  It’s the same way in the world of business…the large national brands have more money to spend on advertising than small mom solo entrepreneurial businesses such as mine; but I am proof that you can have a national presence without a national marketing budget!  However, it’s the hypocrisy in education that kills me…one minute our education system is strapped to the bone and the next our educational leaders still find the ways and means to spend millions and millions on political advertisements and many of those advertisements are the exact opposite of their zero tolerance bullying tone…please every vote does count, make your voice heard!

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