Oct 06 2010

Let’s Get Ready For Oprah Today!

Make sure to watch Oprah today for Erin Merryn who will be speaking as a survivor of child sexual abuse and as the creator of Erin’s Law – a bill she is trying to have passed which would require mandatory child sexual abuse prevention education in schools.  Here is what I know for sure Oprah – Jill Starishevsky has the tool to help in educating kids with her book My Body Belongs To Me.  Jill’s book really needs to get in schools to help kids stop sexual abuse from ever happening!  Check it out www.MyBodyBelongsToMe.com or follow Jill on Twitter: @SafetyStar. 

Speaking of Oprah, check back on Friday for my review of my own “Oprah in the Audience Experience with my review of the education documentary, “Waiting for ‘Superman’”.

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