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Aug 06 2010

Let’s get ready for the Baby Dipper!

Recently, Barb was a guest on my radio show and we were discussing how her Baby Dipper would be perfect for special needs families.  Well, check out this review, by a mom of a special needs 5-year-old child:

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Aug 05 2010

Let’s get Ready to help WINGS!

Rebuild a charity resale shop that supports abused women and children. 

WINGS Program, Inc.

Founded in 1985, the WINGS Program (Women in Need Growing Stronger) provides shelter and support for women and children who are escaping homelessness or domestic violence. WINGS has 24 transitional homes and an emergency domestic violence shelter in suburban Chicago.

Right now, Wings is trying to win the Pepsi Grant for $250,000 which would really help rebuild the resale store.  Could you please take a few minutes of your time to visit the link below and vote for Wings to receive the funds?  Also, please feel free to share this wonderful cause.  Thank you sooo much!!!

Vote to give this idea 250K: Rebuild a charity resale shop that supports abused women and children.

Together, we can make this happen!!!

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Aug 04 2010

Join us on 08/04/10 with Christine Carr, Author of “Mother Daze”

About Chrsitine:


Christine obtained her Bachelors Degree from The University of Rhode Island in 1993.  Upon graduation, she immediately began her teaching career as a PE teacher in East Greenwich, RI.  She spent many years coaching middle school girl’s basketball and softball, and was the assistant tennis pro at Pt. Judith C.C. for eight years.  Eventually she left coaching in order to pursue her Master’s Degree in the Administration of Physical Education and Health Education.  Her entire thesis research project was based on the over-scheduling of today’s youth and how it related to future burn-out rates among athletes.  She has been married to Andrew Carr for twelve years.  They have three children Nolan (9), Jane (6), and Finley (4) and live in South Kingstown, R.I.

Mother Daze:  Tales from the Imperfect Playground


Mother Daze is a truthful account of modern motherhood, a virtual high five offered to the women of the world, written by a girl who thought she had  life well under control until kids came along… surprise!  It’s been said that motherhood should unlock a universal understanding:  same  team, same goal… happy, healthy child, but what about the happy, healthy  mommy?  Where is she in the mix?  This heartfelt story, told  through entertaining anecdotes from my own adventures as a 37 year old mother of three young children, coupled with my fifteen years of  teaching experience as a Physical Education teacher at a public elementary  school, will provide smiles and sunshine for the many women of the world who honestly question, “What happened to my life?”  It is a story written directly from my heart to every woman out there.  I am not a clinical person by any means, and my book is not a clinical diagnosis of life as a parent, and therein lies its strength… I am the woman in the audience, down in the trenches on a daily basis, and I am offering a collection of reflections from someone who exists right beside the reader.  I have taken my many years of teaching experience and put it front and center as it relates to the everyday occurrences associated with life as a parent. 

For more information, visit Christine’s website at

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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