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Dec 28 2009

Happy New Year from Cedar Valley Publishing!

As we continue to enjoy our family and friends, please know that we wish you all the best for the end of 2009 and a FANTABULOUS 2010!  Amazing things are happening with us, and we’re SO glad you’re along for the ride!


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Dec 21 2009

Merry Christmas from Cedar Valley Publishing!


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Dec 15 2009

Stacey’s Guest for December 16 is Cathy Puett Miller

Join Stacey Kannenberg on “Get Ready To Learn Mom” 12/16 with guest, Cathy Puett Miller, President of The Literacy Ambassador® (TLA, Inc.).

 Through varied avenues such as her award-winning Reading is for Everyone® tutorial model, her contributions to as their national “Reading Coach” monthly columnist and her training for children, educators and parents, Cathy Puett Miller, The Literacy Ambassador®, spends her time spreading the news that reading can be fun, powerful and practical.  Formation of her new company, TLA, Inc. in 2008 has expanded her opportunities to do just that.  For more information on Cathy’s book, “Powerful Picture Books”, please click here.

Mrs. Miller received the coveted 2003 National Silver Award for investigative educational reporting from Parenting Publications of America.  Mrs. Miller’s most recent projects involve presenting at regional and state reading conferences, creating and managing the pilot of the Madison County AL United Way’s Fun Learning Moments school readiness initiative, writing books for parents and educators on early literacy, and conducting a national research study on at-home reading.


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Dec 13 2009

One Entrepreneur’s Journey eBook by Amber Singleton Riviere from

Guess who is featured in this amazing ebook?  Not only me but any of my amazing friends!!!

Ever wish you could pick the brains of a room full of entrepreneurs?  I did.  Here are their stories.

One Entrepreneur’s Journey:  26 Stories from Women on the Road by Upstart Smart

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Dec 09 2009

Let’s get plugged in with Sharon Cindrich, Author of the and “A Smart Girl’s Guide to the Internet”

Sharon Cindrich, author and the owner of the wonderful website,, is my Toginet radio show guest today, but she also has some of the best resources for parents online!

Be sure to check out her Resources page – wonderful links for both parents and children!


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Dec 08 2009

Stacey’s Toginet Radio Guest for Dec. 9, 2009 is Author Sharon Cindrich, “A Smart Girl’s Guide to the Internet” from the American Girl Library


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Dec 03 2009

Home Safety For The Holidays from the Safety Mom

It seems like this year just flew by! I’m off to the garage to hunt for all of my favorite holiday decorations, but before that I wanted to announce an exciting new contest I’m launching with Evenflo® Home Safety today. We are giving the gift of a home safety makeover (by yours truly) this holiday season to the most deserving family!

From December 1, 2009 through January 15, 2010 enter the Evenflo Home Safety Makeover Contest by telling your story, in 500 words or less, about how you can benefit from a Home Safety Makeover in the New Year at  The Grand Prize winner will receive a home safety consultation with me, Evenflo gates and other home safety products (valued at nearly $2,500!) tailored to their home and family’s needs. Five lucky runners-up will receive an Evenflo Symphony65TM car seat, valued at $199, to help your baby stay safe on the road.

To jump start your safe holiday season, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always anticipate the unexpected, and stay one step ahead of your little ones.
  • Consider children’s ages and developmental stages. Baby-proofing is not a project you can do and forget about it. Be vigilant; continuously monitor your baby’s developmental stages.
  • Gates can provide safety zones within your home where you can keep a closer eye on baby, while helping to prevent him or her from wandering into harm’s way.

Don’t forget to submit your story to by January 15, 2010 to win!

Alison Rhodes – “The Safety Mom”

Twitter: @safetymom

Interested in your child’s safety?  Sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter “The Safety Scoop”

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Dec 02 2009

H1N1 101: What you need to know from Nurse Barb

What you need to know about H1N1 and the new vaccines to keep your family healthy from Nurse Barbara Dehn.

If you think you may have the flu call your health care provider. Do not travel and do not go to school!

  • Flu Symptoms
  • A person may have some or all of these symptoms:
    • Fever (not everyone has a fever)
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Runny or stuffy nose
    • Body aches
    • Headaches
    • Chills
    • Fatigue
    • Sometimes, diarrhea and vomiting

The situation is evolving so quickly that nearly everyone has questions and is confused.

Here are a few key points:

  • Right now, the only flu that is going around the US is the Swine Flu.
  • Unfortunately, the number of serious cases is increasing
  • Pregnant women and young children are at highest risk – 95 deaths so far and it’s just starting
  • The H1N1 (swine) flu is more deadly than the regular flu

For more information, visit the following websites:
>> Center for Disease Control
>> Nurse Barb’s blog
>> Blue Orchid Guides

Top 5 questions and answers on flu vaccines

1. What flu vaccines are available now?

>> There is a Flu Mist – this is a nasal spray that protects against H1N1 (swine flu) and an injectable vaccine.

>> The Flu Mist is for: people 2 – 49 who DO NOT have any underlying health problems, health care workers, people who care for or work with infants & small children

>> The mist is Not to be used in pregnant women as it contains the live virus

>> The Seasonal flu vaccine is ALSO available now, though supplies are low, (because the manufacturers were busy making H1N1 vaccine)

2. Who should be vaccinated for H1N1 with the injectable vaccine? >> Pregnant women – (they are at highest risk of severe pneumonia)

>> Health care workers and emergency personnel like firefighters, police, etc

>> Children 6 months to 24 years

>> People over 24 who have chronic health problems such as asthma or a compromised immune system

3. How many doses of H1N1 will people need?

>> For people 10 and older, just one dose

>> For children 9 and younger 2 doses for H1N1

4. Can people get the Seasonal Flu and the H1N1 at the same time?

>> Yes, they can if they use the injectable vaccines. Not if they use either of the Nasal spray inhaled vaccines, as these contain the live virus.

5. What about Side Effects?

>> Good news, the side effects are similar to those of the seasonal flu vaccine, soreness at the site of the injection. Very few people have other symptoms, but those might be headache, muscle aches, not feeling well.

Because there are two different vaccines for two different kinds of flu (swine and regular), in addition to two different treatments, here is a simplified breakdown:


Nasal spray
For people 2 – 49

For people 6 months to 64 years
Ok for pregnant women
OK for people with chronic medical conditions


Nasal spray
For people 2 – 49
Not for pregnant women

For people 6 months to 64 years
Ok for pregnant women
OK for people with chronic medical conditions

Tamiflu tablets
Relenza oral inhaler


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Dec 01 2009

Stacey’s Toginet Radio Guest for Dec. 2, 2009 is Candi Wingate!

Let’s talk Nannies with Candi Wingate from Nannies4Hire and her experiences with Jon & Kate and Dr. Phil!

About has been affiliated with the nanny industry since 1987 and has grown into the largest and most successful company in the business. Candi Wingate, President of, a mother herself, knows first-hand how hard it can be to find the perfect nanny. We put a great deal of effort into making as easy to use as possible. Our database is designed to assist families in finding a quality nanny for their specific needs and requirements and offer nannies an enjoyable employment experience.

A free preview of available nannies is available to families. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, temporary, summer, live-in or live-out nannies or elderly/companion care there are a variety of experience levels available. Once you are a registered member, you will have access to contact information and advanced search features. Helpful tools are available to registered families and nannies, including sample interview questions, a sample reference form and a sample contract.

Besides relationships with Dr. Phil, Supernanny and the Discovery Channel/TLC (to name a few), we have also teamed up with corporations to help find childcare for their employees. Thousands of families and nannies throughout the United States and Canada have joined and our list continues to grow daily.

If you have any unanswered questions, please visit our website.

Candi’s staff is available to respond to your needs. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service!


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