Oct 19 2009

Watch the Online Debut Episode of The Write Stuff

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The historic event is finally here! The show many are calling a complete marriage between Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and American Idol has made its online debut.

In the debut episode of The Write Stuff, host Cyrus Webb makes a trip to his literary partner Wal-Mart to talk about the importance of reading and introduce this week’s guests. Bestselling authors John Saul, Erica Spindler and Emanuel Rosen talk about their incredible journey to literary success. Webb also talks about how watching Oprah inspired author Stacey Kannenberg to begin her publishing career. Author Jeff Rivera talks about the importance of an Author Platform, and finally Webb tells authors why they want to get to know author/book reviewer Joey Pinkney.  (Note: Due to the high traffic in the Wal-Mart store we were unable to use the boom mic so there is background noise.)

Click here to watch history unfold… http://thewritestufftv.webs.com/thewritestuffepisodes.htm

Music for this episode was provided by Dj Down South (The Write Stuff theme song, “I Will Still Shine” and “Get Your Read On”), Tray Chaney (“Watch, Learn and Listen), K. D. Brosia (“Love A Woman Right”) and Herschel Dixon (wrote “Get Your Read On”). 


Look for the show to make its appearance on a tv channel near you in November 2009. Creator/Executive Producer/Host Cyrus Webb wishes to thank our literary sponsors and supporters for a successful launch. We also thank Asst. Producers Stanley Clark, Herschel Dixon, Mark Eller and Jeff Rivera. Find out more at http://www.thewritestufftv.com/.

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