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Apr 30 2009

Let’s Get Ready For Oprah To Take A Stance On Violence on our Children!

WOO HOO! You go girl!! Let’s take to the street and say ENOUGH!

What do you think?  How are we going to stop the violence in our own country?

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Apr 29 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Hear My Opinion on the FTC changes for Bloggers

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In case you haven’t heard the news, the FTC has some new proposed changes in store for blog reviewers.  We can be sued and held personally liable just like a product company or brand for making false claims of products we are reviewing. 

I agree we should not be making false and outrageous claims!!!  But I still hear those types of “off the wall claims” in mainstream media today.  Why FTC?  So now the FTC is going to police the state of blogging for outrageous claims and full disclosure!  If you need help FTC, you can hire me at a fraction of the price you will pay some “watchdog” group to police the state of mommy bloggers.  I am sure I have some other mommy bloggers who can help too! 

Note to readers: Always look for an opportunity in the middle of controversy!

Note to the FTC:  You need to start cracking down on the airways of traditional, mainstream media to hold them to the same standard as “professional” bloggers.  I find the level of media bias a joke in mainstream media.  Allow me to illustrate.  Again, in case you may have forgotten, this is my personal opinion:  Media is funded by advertising.  You have XYZ advertiser paying you millions and billions of dollars and you don’t bury stories or oversell positions?  Right?  On a television show you have a “so-called news story” and you are having your advertiser “pay to play” to be featured in that so-called news story and I don’t see you, mainstream media, saying this is a paid three minute human interest story featuring this company!  What about those public relations firms that are “pay to play” meaning we will have you on if you pay this fee and we can get you quoted by this national media outlet???

Unsure what I mean by an outrageous claim?

The following is my made-up outrageous claim that in no way is a reference to any real or existing product that may make this same claim with the following statement as my personal opinion only and was not paid for by anyone for me to say and again this is just an illustration of full disclosure on a blog post by a mom blogger with the following example of an false claim: “this (made-up product for illustration) will make your four year-old read like a college professor in three days or less or your money back”; but again, how many times are you flipping though the channels and you hear those “type” of outrageous claims in our mainstream media????  Our mainstream media is getting a paycheck to have these type of claims voiced on their watch.  Might there be a deeper issue at play here?

This is my opinion and not a paid endorsement from any third party:  I think that the special interests groups from traditional advertising groups are fighting word-of-mouth and don’t want to lose money to grassroots word-of-mouth bloggers.  Bloggers are a cheap way to advertise when compared to traditional pricing.  Do you want to pay $50,000 for a social media package or hire some mom blogger for $25- $2500 for a grassroots approach?  Do you want to pay some company to do the work for you that doesn’t even have kids that use your products or pay that same mom blogger who has been using the product for the last 15 years to tell others about her experiences at pennies on the dollar?  I think tradition media is running scared!  They are losing money to this new movement!

Speak up!  Voice your opinion!  WE NEED YOU if you are a mommy blogger!

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Apr 28 2009

Let’s Get Ready For Nurse Barb and a Swine Flu Update: The following is a Guest Post by Nurse Barb

Swine Flu Update
Many of my friends are calling today, worried about Swine Flu, what it is and what they should do to protect themselves and their families:

First do not panic

This is what we know:

  • There have been 20 cases confirmed in the US – NONE HAVE DIED, and only two were severe enough to be hospitalized
  • 8 New York 
  • 7 California
  • 2 Kansas
  • 2 Texas
  • 1 case in Ohio

Why the CDC is concerned

1. In New York, the 8 cases are all high school students from St. Francis Prep in Queens. Students from this school had traveled to Mexico city in the last 2 weeks.  It’s not yet known if the students with Swine Flu are the same ones who went to Mexico City or if they were infected by a classmate who traveled there.  All of the students in New York are recovering.

2. The virus is the same as the one in Mexico, which is responsible for at least 16 confirmed deaths. You may have seen reports of 86 deaths, which was reported today by the Mexican Health Minister. The CDC has yet to confirm that all of those cases were conclusively caused by Swine Flu.  

What can people do:

Watch for flu symptoms and see you health care provider for:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Body Aches
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Some people also have diarrhea and vomiting   

Most important: 

If you are sick, stay home, don’t travel, don’t go to work and don’t send your kids to school.  People may be contagious as long as seven days after all symptoms have resolved (gone away).

Are there medications to treat?

Tamiflu & Relenza – these are effective, recommended by the CDC and help prevent the virus from worsening and causing more severe symptoms.  They can be taken as soon as symptoms start, or as soon as a person suspects exposure.

Prevention and Precautions:

  • Good old fashioned hand washing with soap and water or an alcohol-based cleaner
  • Use a tissue for coughing and sneezing, and then throw them away
  • Stay away from people who are sick

What about eating Pork?

Eating pork DOES NOT cause Swine flu.  As long as you cook it thoroughly, it’s still safe to eat pork.

I’ll provide regular updates.  Be well, and try not to panic.  The Swine Flu can be a very serious infection, but there are few cases in the US and all of the people infected have recovered or are recovering.  Stay safe by taking precautions.

About Barb
Barb Dehn, RN, MS, NP

Barb Dehn is a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, award winning author, and a nationally recognized health expert. She holds a BS from Boston College and earned Masters degree at the University of California, San Francisco. An in demand and popular national speaker on all aspects of women’s health, she also lectures at Stanford and is a frequent health expert on ABC TV’s View from the Bay in San Francisco. She has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America Now and NBC’s iVillageLive.

Sign up for Barb’s blog at

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Apr 27 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Enter A Writing Contest!

ATTENTION all parents and kids who always tell me how talented you are at writing stories!  Here is your chance:  Stories For Children Magazine is having a writing contest for Parents and Children to write a story about you or your character’s Wacky Dream! It’s a Wacky Dream Story Contest!

Wacky Dream Story Contest at Stories for Children Magazine

Make your dreamscape come alive and write about a wacky dream you or one of your characters has had and can’t stop talking about it. It’s all about the wackiest dream, but make sure it is appropriate for children ages 12 and under.

Submissions accepted: March 1, 2009 thru May 30, 2009

Who can enter? Two categories: one for adults and one for children (17 and under)

Contest Fees: Adults $10 / children FREE

Contest Prizes:
The Top Three stories for both categories will be published in the following months:

  • 1st place—July 2009
  • 2nd place—August 2009
  • 3rd place—September 2009

On top of being published in Stories for Children Magazine, our top three winners in both categories will also receive a Winner’s Certificate and –

For Adults – 

  • 1st Place:  A year’s subscription to Writer’s Digest and Children’s Writers put out by The Institute of Children’s Literature.
  • 2nd Place:  Writer’s Little Instruction Book: Craft & Technique by Paul Raymond Martin, published by Writer’s Digest
  • 3rd Place:  Writer’s Little Instruction Book: Getting Published by Paul Raymond Martin, published by Writer’s Digest

For Youth (17 and under) –

  • 1st place:  The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters autographed by James Dashner, Dream Share autographed by Rita Milios, and a $10 gift card to a store of their choice.
  • 2nd place:  A 13th Reality poster autographed by James Dashner, a Dream Share button, and $10 gift card to a store of their choice.
  • 3rd place:  A Dream Share button and $10 gift card to a store of their choice.

Judges: The SFC Team


Specifications: Short stories for children ages 12 and under. Any original, unpublished piece not accepted by any publisher at the time of entry is eligible. Entries can take on any form of wackiness. Maximum word count is 1,200 words. (This is not including your title or byline.) NO sexual, violent, or drug related content. Winners will be selected based on quality and appeal to our readership at Stories for Children Magazine.

All entries must follow Stories for Children Magazine’s submission guidelines at:

All submissions must be emailed as an attachment to: by midnight May 30, 2009. In the subject line, write “Wacky Dream Story Contest” and indicate adult or youth category.

No mail-in entries will be accepted! No acknowledgement of the receipt of entries will be sent. Multiple entries are allowed, but must be sent separately.

FOR ADULT WRITERS: An invoice will be sent via PayPal for the contest fee of $10.

FOR YOUNG WRITERS (17 and under): Please follow the submission guidelines above. Plus attach the Minor Release form, which can be found at:


Good luck!

Be sure to check out the April 2009 issue of Stories for Children Magazine for the magnificent articles, stories, and Featured Guest Kevin Scott Collier’s interview.

Learn more about Stories for Children Magazine at:

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Apr 24 2009

Kudos to My “Secret Weapon” Webmonster, Tammy!

While Tammy spends her days (and many nights) taking care of my website needs, as well as those of many other clients…she still finds time to really enjoy her passion of quilting.  I cannot tell you how many quilt-related websites she has, but I can tell you that she will work on her clients’ sites until 1-2 in the morning and THEN she’ll work on her own quilting websites.  On the weekend evenings (after her four children are in their sleeping slumber), if she’s not working online, she’s in her sewing room quilting!

This week, Tammy was pleasantly surprised with a mention of one of her websites,, being mentioned in the May 2009 Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

Feel free to click on the image below to see her website mentioned under the “Needling Allowed” topic:

Yeah Tammy!  I’m so proud and excited for you!  You have done wonders for MY business, and I just get giddy when I see that your passion is recognized by so many others!

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Apr 23 2009

Let’s Get Ready to Celebrate the Week of the Young Child!

This is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) who promotes excellence in early childhood education. 

Here is a list of 10 of our favorite things to do, and ideas to celebrate with your young child!

  1. Finger paint
  2. Make flowers and bugs out of  play dough
  3. Play with mommy’s old Barbie’s and outfits
  4. Make a zoo with all the stuffed animals
  5. Have a pillow fight
  6. Read a book
  7. Go fly a kite
  8. Look at family pictures
  9. Share family stories
  10. Build a fort

For more information on what YOU can do, to help celebrate the week of the young child, please visit:

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Apr 22 2009

Let’s Get Ready For The Frugalitarian to celebrate EARTH DAY!

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Check out Milwaukee’s Morning Blend and Jodi Olson, The Frugalitarian, as she shares tips with Alison and Molly for home décor, using architectural salvage to help honor the earth.   Jodi also explains the Frugalitarian philosophy to honor Mother Earth.  Check out this video:

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Apr 21 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Honor National Kindergarten Day!

In honor of National Kindergarten Day, I am on a mission to help get kids excited for that first day of school.  For those of you with children getting ready to start in fall, let’s start now with some things you can do to help foster a positive relationship between yourself (as a parent), your child and their school: 

  • Make an appointment to visit the school with your child to turn it into a fun adventure;
  • If your school will let you, visit your new teacher inside the classroom with the current class and go to lunch in the cafeteria;
  • Involve your child each step of the way!  Asking them if they would like hot or cold lunch and explain that hot lunch is made at school and cold lunch is made at home and brought to school in a lunch box to eat in the cafeteria;
  • If you live near school, do frequent “drive-bys” and point out the school and playground;
  • If you can, during off-school time, stop and play on the equipment or practice walking up to the door pretending it is the first day of school;
  • Share stories with your child about your days in Kindergarten:  “Mommy used to play on the monkey bars, do you know which one is the monkey bars?”;
  • Ask your child questions to get them excited and talking about school;
  • If the public is welcome, visit the school and school library, to get your child familiar with the new school layout;
  • Check the school schedule to see if they have any spring events coming up that would interest your child and get involved now;
  • Find other families that will be attending the school and plan some summer fun together.  If you don’t know anyone at the school, call the school for direction;
  • Join the PTO/PTA!  This is a MUST and a great way to build a network of friends at home and school;
  • Start reading everyday for 15 minutes with your child – start practicing this now, as this will be a requirement when they begin school;
  • Start making those doctor appointments for immunizations, eye and dental visits;
  • Make sure your child is familiar with the kindergarten curriculum:  the alphabet mixed up; numbers 0-10 mixed up, basic colors, shapes, coin, counting objects to 10 and how far they can count to 100.
    Practice will make for a great first day of school;

Share, in our comments, what you are doing to get your child ready for Kindergarten and we will randomly select a winner to receive a copy of Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Stacey Kannenberg is The Get Ready To Learn Mom.  She is a MOM (first and foremost), an author, publisher, consultant, speaker, motivator, keynote, spokesmom and Mom CEO of Cedar Valley Publishing and her three books:  Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten, Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! and the Spanish/English Edition of Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! iA Prepararse Para Kindergarten have sold over 60,000 books inside homes and schools globally.

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Apr 20 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Honor Rachel Scott and Rachel’s Challenge!

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On April 20, 1999, Rachel Scott was the first person to be shot in the Columbine High School shootings.  Her amazing acts of kindness and compassion, along with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America. 

I have been blessed to see this uplifting program.  Do your students a favor and help bring Rachel’s Challenge to your school and watch how this young girl, who predicted a tragic fate like that of Ann Frank and wanted to keep a diary, just like Ann, to help the world understand her mission as well.  She wanted to change the way people treat other people. 

This program uses powerful video along with actual audio footage of Rachel’s life and the Columbine tragedy – that is truly motivating others across the country to create positive change in they way they treat others.

Today, in Rachel’s honor we celebrate a good chain reaction.

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Apr 17 2009

Let’s Get Ready To Volunteer at School!

It’s nearing the end of school and you know what that means don’t you?  Field Trips!!  What a great opportunity to volunteer as a chaperone.  Not only do you look like a hero in the eyes of your child, but you get to know your child’s classmates as well.  Remember, your child is less likely to be bullied in school if you personally take the time to get to know each child in your child’s class.  Mike and I love field trip time, and try to make as many of the trips as we can.  We have been to the zoo, the museum, the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, the dairy farm, the corn maze, the animal safari and so much more.  Each trip has been an amazing experience with wonderful stories to share – and I not only get to share them with my daughters, but with the parents of the other children who weren’t able to attend.  

Last week, Mike and I were in charge of four kids (out of 57) from our school at the Milwaukee Public Museum.  Mike was with one of the girls, revisiting the butterfly exhibit and I had Megan and the two boys looking at insects…when the fire alarm went off.  We could smell smoke and could hear the fire trucks coming.  I am so proud of how all the kids stayed calm as we exited the building and waited patiently outside until we were given the “all clear” sign to return.  Thankfully, it wasn’t anything serious and no damage was done.  We were so happy that the weather was a mild 55 degree day with sunny skies while we outside waiting.  In April, one never knows what kind of weather we will have in Milwaukee! 

Now that the Museum Trip is done we are looking forward to the River Walk and the Zoo for Megan and Field Day with Heidi and Megan.  I love Field Day!!  At our school, Field Day, is an entire day spent outside doing active circuits like: duck-duck-goose, tug-of-war, sack races, bean bag toss, etc. 

Ask your school if you will be having a Field Day and get involved.  It’s a great way to meet other parents and teachers from your school.

Happy Volunteering!

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