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Jun 30 2008

I’m in Love with My New Blackberry!!!!

BlackberryOooh laa laa, I am in love! 

I know, I just said that the other day – but, that was for a drink and this is something else entirely!

Need we mention how technology-challenged I am?  Again?  I’m a boomer-mom who has always struggled with technology.  

But, in today’s wireless world, a business woman *must* stay on top of her businesses, especially when she travels!  The laptop is always so bulky for me to lug around, so I’ve been excited about the Blackberry, but nervous that it would be too advanced for me. 

I will readily admit that I had a bit of a learning curve, and my most important error in not understanding that my home and business phone company is NOT the same as their wireless division.  I wasted three days BEFORE someone finally told me to physically go to one of their stores to get it all set up. 

I felt like a star when I realized that I knew more about using my new Blackberry than the manager, his customer service manager and the sales representative at their store!  I called my computer guru, Eric, who came over and set up my email to download from my Gmail account and “ta da” we are in business. 

I love it! 

I love being able to have a quick visual of what’s coming in on email when I am traveling and away from the office and this is exactly what I needed and the more I use it the quicker I have become!!!!

Ok ok, enough of my love-gushing.  You want specifics?  I have the THE BLACKBERRY PEARL 8130 smarphone.  Small.  Smart.  Stylish.

Hey, that describes ME, I’m sure!  lol

And here’s a bit more info about my new Blackberry:  There is a large community of developers building applications for the BlackBerry platform to meet the varying needs and personalization requirements of BlackBerry users.  Solutions offer added functionality to BlackBerry users in a wide range of categories such as:  Business and professional – Access the applications and information needed to make important decisions quickly. Whatever the business there are hundreds of applications and services designed to help, including fleet management applications that take advantage of built-in GPS.   Personal productivity – Translation tools, dictionaries, password keepers, GPS-enabled navigation and much more – these productivity applications are designed to save time and make life easier.   Games and entertainment – Download games and carry them on the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone. There’s no better way to relax when there are a few minutes to spare in the waiting room or on a long flight.

You jealous yet?  Go visit – and find your true (phone) love!

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Jun 27 2008

Cranergy and the Cran-Hoot

We have spent some family time, doing some hiking and ATV riding this spring. 

Remember, I’m on a new health kick?  So anything we can do to not only have family time together, but also to exercise (without really wanting to call it exercise) and to show our daughters ways to live a healthy life – that’s what it’s all about!

Because of this, I am always looking for something to add to our pack for our picnic stop – something refreshing, tasty and healthy. 

I think I’ve fallen in love again.  {shhhh, don’t tell my husband!}

I LOVE the 12 oz. CRANERGY ( from Ocean Spray.  It’s an Energy Juice Drink which features raspberry, cranberry, green tea extract and it’s loaded with B-vitamins (which, the medical world says is one of those vitamins that those of us ladies reaching mid-life should have).  It has 50% fewer calories and less sugar! 

AND, I like that it is one serving size.  Doesn’t it make you crazy when you pick up a drink and read the label and it all sounds wonderful, until you find out that a single serving is two-thirds of the bottle?  Not Cranergy!  This is 12 fl. oz. with 50 calories and 0 fat grams and 13 grams of sugar, 100% Vitamin C, 70% Niacin, 70% Vitamins B12, B2 and B6. 

You gotta check it out!  And right now, they’re offering a $1 off coupon! GO.

Oh, and if you ever wanted to see what type of heritage I come from, you must watch the latest Cranergy video: – it’s a CRAN-HOOT!

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Jun 26 2008

Norton 360 – Even for the Non-Geek

You know I’m not a technical wizard, right?  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m clueless when it comes to most things that involve technology.  When something happens to my computer, the first person I call is my webmaster.  Why do I think my webmaster can fix MY computer from 1500 miles away?  Actually, sometimes, she knows enough to walk me through the steps to fix it.  But, if that doesn’t work, then I call my local web guru, and he comes over and fixes whatever I messed up.  Yup, usually, it’s something that I’ve done to the computer – but, he’s so nice to listen to me complain and then go about his business and just fix my mess!

Norton 360Recently, I was sent the new Norton 360 Version 2.0, to test out and try for a year.  And do you know what?  I was able to install it and set it up WITHOUT help (well, without outside help – I did have to visit the help files a few times)!  I was SO impressed!!!

With the release of the new Norton 360 Version 2.0, my computers have never been more protected. Besides updated antivirus, firewall, antispyware and intrusion protections…the new version also includes anti-phishing security, which can help protect you from identity theft; as well as new backup options that include iPods, HD-DVD discs, Blu-ray, and shared drives.

What’s more, the program has been made more user-friendly, with easy to navigate backup lists, a Registry File Cleanup to help you remove unnecessary files and keep your computer running at its most efficient, a free download that includes AntiSpam and Parental Control and Network Monitoring, which keeps track of everything from how secure your network is to the status of your wireless security.

Basically, your computer has never been in better hands, whether you’re watching video files at home or checking your email at your favorite wireless café. With Norton 360 Version 2.0.  Your life easier, but you can rest assured knowing that your online life is always well-protected, no matter the threat.

Take it from a non-geek — this is the best software I’ve ever installed and used.

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Jun 11 2008

Tips for Kindergarten Learning

Research has proven time and time again, that a child’s parents/caregivers and their first teacher are their most important role models. Therefore it is critical that you show your child that the learning process can be fun, by being a positive and fun learner yourself. Listed below are tips to help you instill the love of learning by setting an example in the following areas:

  • Let your child see you read and learn.
  • Build your child’s vocabulary by explaining and discussing everyday activities.
  • Turn travel, meal, bath and bed time into a fun learning experiences.
  • Read, read, read and read some more!  Make it part of your daily routine to read as much as possible.
  • When reading with your child, sit side-by-side or have your child sit on your lap, in a comfortable, quiet area.
  • Use your finger to explore the book’s pages (left to right and top to bottom).
  • Visit the local zoo, library and museum. While on your tour, ask questions and having fun exploring.
  • Always have paper, pencils, crayons, glue and scissors readily available.
  • Encourage good hygiene at home and at school, including proper bathroom habits, washing hands, blowing nose and covering mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  • Lay out clothes, make lunch, organize school folders and assemble backpack the evening before school.
  • Discuss positive solutions for problems that might occur, such as bullying, teasing, bathroom accidents, etc.
  • Make sure your child gets the required 10-12 hours of sleep and a nutritious breakfast.
  • Before entering school, update immunization records and schedule hearing, vision, dental and physical exams.
  • Nurture, motivate and instill self-esteem in your child.  Listen to your child’s concerns, interests, and problems.

Taking an active role in your child’s life will help him/her succeed in learning and in life!

Copyright 2008 Cedar Valley Publishing, Stacey Kannenberg; Author of Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! and Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!

What are some of the things your parents passed on to you as a Kindergartener?  Are you passing them on your children, or have you passed on something different?

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Jun 10 2008


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The winner of our Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten! book giveaway is bunny!  Congratulations!  I will email you personally, to get your mailing information.

Thanks so much for participating!

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Jun 05 2008

Celebrate Children’s Book Week!

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Let’s give away a “Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten!” book, to honor Children’s Book Week!

A brightly illustrated, interactive Kindergarten book that features the core curriculum.

We’re proud to be awarded and applauded by parents and educators alike! Read the praise from “Midwest Book Review.” Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten, written by and for parents, kids and teachers, features 32 pages of wonderfully illustrated core Kindergarten curriculum. Intended for use by small children, the book is easy to hold, interactive and very durable

Meet Mrs. Good and the delightful Cedarvalley Kids

Here’s the SIMPLE rules to enter.  Leave us a comment with your name and email address.  A winner will be chosen on Monday, June 9th – we’ll email you for your address and further instructions.

Comeon’ — let us help you get your child (or grandchildren) ready for kindergarten!


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