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May 15 2008

We’re Just Wild About…Wild Animal Crunch!

The Kannenberg family is wild about Kellogg’s new Wild Animal Crunch.   I’m wild about 17 grains of whole grains and we are all wild about animals.  We are daily cereal lovers in our house and have even been known to have it for dinner!    Megan isn’t happy until she has her bowl of cereal in the morning.  In fact, when she was three she became a cereal mixer!  Yep she loves to mix her three favorite cereals together in one bowl.  She’s on to something and has Mike hooked on it too!!! 


This morning, she had Wild Animal Crunch with Pops and Cracklin’ Oat Bran sprinkled on top!  I only let her mix three kinds at a time – you have to draw the line somewhere!!    Heidi is a dry cereal lover with milk in a cup and she started today with Wild Animal Crunch.  The girls were seated so one could see the front of the Wild Animal Crunch box and the other could see the back, and they keep switching.  We all love the box designs!!! WOW!!!    Check it out at 

Have you tried Wild Animal Crunch, yet?  What’s your breakfast favorite? Does your family get wild for cereal?  Do you perfer to eat it dry, mixed, drowned in milk? Share your favorites!

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May 09 2008

BreakfastBREAKS Contest

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BreakfastBREAKS area a great way to make sure your kids get breakfast in the morning, and now the BreakfastBREAKS company wants to give moms a break from the daily race. 

BreakfastBREAKS is teaming up with Denise Jonas, mom of the country’s hottest band, The Jonas Brothers, in search of “Mom’s Craziest Morning.” 

crazymorning1-125x125-428081.jpgMom’s, simply log on to the BreakfastBREAKS website and enter their “craziest morning” story contest for a chance to win four tickets to one of the The Jonas Brothers’ summer concerts. And if that’s not enough, to truly give Mom’s a break, they’re also throwing in a $150 Gift Certificate to So, while the kids are busy being kids, Mom can take the day off to relax and unwind at her choice of one of 4,000 spas.

The “In Search of Mom’s Craziest Morning” contest will run from May 1st to June 15th at One winner from four regions of the country will be chosen.

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May 07 2008

The Kannenberg family loves BreakfastBREAKS

breakfastbreaks3.gifIt’s for those times when we have to have breakfast on the go.  But, shhhhh, my kids love them whether they’re on the go or not!

In our household, these are the top 5 times we’ve use BreakfastBREAKS:

1.  At the waterpark motel, last weekend for breakfast.  The girls can’t “waste” the time for us to get up and eat breakfast in the motel restaurant, so the are happy to eat their BreakfastBREAKS and head to the waterpark. 

2.  In the car on the way to school, in the mornings when we were running late and didn’t have time to eat a sit-down breakfast at home.

3.  When the girls had Girl Scouts and they didn’t get home until 6:00 p.m., they each had a BreakfastBREAK in their backpack, if they got hungry.

<4.  We took a trip to the airport, it was perfect to have in our backpack and the girls got such a kick out of checking their juice box (from inside their BreakfastBreaks box) as their carry-on liquid.

5.  We went hiking on the Ice Age trail (SO cool!) and Mike had them in his backpack for a quick picnic along the trail. 

Inside the BreakfastBREAKS boxes are various breakfast items … such as name-brand ‘good for you’ cereals, a fruit bar and a juice box. 

And the Jonas Brothers, who love BreakfastBREAKS, too?  My girls go GA-GA over them!

Stay tuned – on Friday, we’re posting an all new contest!

And hey, don’t tell the kids … but, I *love* breakfast for dinner!

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May 01 2008

A Plumm Summer (Movie)

Winner of the Audience Best Film Award at the International Family Film Festival, A Plumm Summer is based on a true story in Montana in the 1960’s, where well-loved local TV legend and puppet, FroggyDoo, gets stolen during a live show. The families of Montana’s outcry at FroggyDoo’s loss, prompts an FBI investigation, but the children of Peaks View take the mystery into their own hands and it’s a race to unravel the mystery (hint: those FBI agents are slow to catch on…)!


A Plumm Summer features celebrated actors, Henry Winkler, Billy Baldwin, Jeff Daniels and Brenda Strong (from Desperate Housewives) as well as talented, up-and-coming child actors — all of whom transport you to their small town, where themes of friendship and family become interwoven in this amazing little movie.  It’s often tough for independent films like A Plumm Summer to reach big theaters nationwide, which is why we’d love your help to spread the word and ask families to attend the film’s upcoming premier screenings beginning Friday, April 25. A successful first two weekends for A Plumm Summer means that more families will have a chance to see the film in more locations … and most importantly, Hollywood will hopefully take notice and start to invest time and money into making quality films with stories that appeal to families.

The movie opens the weekend of April 25, 26, and 27, in these 4 areas:

  • California: LA and surrounding areas
  • Alabama: Birmingham, Trussville
  • Minnesota: Oakdale, Lakeville, Eagan
  • Montana: Billings, Bozeman, Kalispel, Livingston or Missoula

More available theaters are updated daily so be sure to check for a complete list of theaters in your area.


Mike and I watched it with Heidi, 8 and Megan, 6.  There are some scenes that we needed to stop and explain.  This movie is set in the late 60’s so I needed to explain that candy cigarettes were all the rage and Megan looks at us, shakes her head and says, “And you wonder what why kids start smoking?”  She is 6! 

Our girls have never been exposed to a drunken father who ends up in jail instead of going to his son’s birthday party.  They were shocked and sadden that little kids are subjected to dead-beat situations, like a few of the scenes in this movie.  Heidi, 8, said she knows how nice our home life truly is and that we are very blessed!!! Yes we are!

A Plumm Summer is a great movie and we loved all the clues along the way to solve the mystery of who stole Happy Herb’s Froggy Doo.


A Plumm Summer is a movie with heart.  Tell us what you think of it, or suggest another movie the whole family will enjoy.

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