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Feb 27 2008

Shhhh, Don’t Tell the Kids it’s Healthy!

I’m on this healthy kick, have you noticed?  I honestly believe that the key to life, love and happiness lay in how healthy you treat your mind and body.  If your body is healthy, you have a better chance of fueling your soul, with all the good things in life.  My goal for 2008 has been to strive for a newer, healthier lifestyle … for me and my family.

But, it’s not always easy introducing healthy foods into a child’s diet, especially when we’re on-the-go so much!  It’s so very easy to run through a drive-up window, toss the food to the kids in the back of the car, and go on to our next item on our agenda.  I said it’s easy … but, I didn’t say that it’s how I want to feed my children.

I truly want them not to just have healthy foods, but I want them to understand how important it is, to be aware of the foods they are putting into their bodies!  That’s why it’s so encouraging that more and more food companies are adapting their products to provide more nutritious foods to our always-moving children.

My new favorite find for the girls is Yoplait Kids.   And my girls are just nuts about it!  They have drinkable and spoonable yogurts. The enticing little faces of some of their favorite television characters like Dora, Diego and all of our Backyardigan friends are on packaging – and they’re sized perfectly for my girls’ little hands.


So how healthy is it?  Yoplait Kids is low in sugar (25% less than other leading brands!) and of course, the DHA Omega 3’s that are said to help brain growth. Vitamins A and D and calcium don’t hurt either!


Yoplait Kids is offering a coupon for FREE yogurt at their site Go ahead and click through, your kids will love it, and you will too!

Go on – Let’s Get Ready to be Healthy!

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Feb 16 2008


The quickest way to my heart is to “Talk to the Mom” in me.  Yessirma’am, all you have to do is to bring to my home, things that make me a better mom.

Of course, you get brownie points if you’re also a mom…or if you started the business yourself…or if you’re all of these things (and MORE!) rolled up into one lovely package.

Denise Devine, Founder of Froose

Might I mention FROOSE to you?

Have you heard of it?  Oh please, you need to hear about it … you need to experience it … and you need to share it with your children.  It *will* make you a better mom!
Want to hear the facts about Froose, first?  Ummm, yes, it’s healthy.  But shhhhh, don’t tell the kids!

What exactly is Froose®?
Froose® is a delicious and nutritious whole food beverage specially made and packaged for the healthy growth and development of young children. Froose® is a combination of whole grains and 100% fruit juice. Froose® was developed by a concerned mom and food scientists at The International Food Network at Cornell who were looking for a truly innovative solution to the lack of healthier drink options for young children.

Why is Froose® better than juice?
Froose® combines the best of Organic Whole Grains and Fruit to make a delicious and nutritious alternative to juice that is naturally low in sugar and an excellent source of fiber…as much as eating a whole piece of fruit. Froose® delivers whole grain goodness, fiber and half the sugar found in a typical serving of juice. Froose® uses a whole grain base and flavors it with 100% fruit concentrates and organic brown rice syrup. All the elements of the whole grain are incorporated in the final Froose® beverage. Nothing is stripped out. The soluble and insoluble fiber elements along with the whole grain vitamins and other nutrients are in the Froose® beverage. Regular juice consists of simple carbohydrates coming primarily from the sugar of the fruit without all of the other nutrients found in fruit. Pediatricians warn against over consumption of juice by young children and, in fact, the American Academy of Pediatricians recommend no more that 1 ½ cups of juice per day for a two year old. Froose® is the healthy alternative to juice for kids.   

Want to know what else?  I love this company!!! 

Don’t laugh but when I told Megan that the drink was made with whole grains, she responded as only a six-year-old can, “But mom it tastes too good to be healthy!” 

Watch for a contest here at the CedarValleyPublishing Blog in the next few days — we’re going to knock your socks off with some fun for the kids – with Froose!

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