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Dec 10 2007

Sally Huss Educational Gifts

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There’s something to be said for overt educational gifts – such as giving a child a dictionary or a book that they need for school.
But, by gifting a child with something that is educational, yet they don’t know it — well, I just chalk that up to the spoils of parenting! 
I love to give my girls gifts that are meaningful to them, but also have a bit of fun and education involved, too.  A couple of years ago, I found a website that offered books for kids.  Not written books, but blank books with hard covers and the crayons to go with them.  These were some of the best-received books that my kids have ever seen!  They played with them, used their fabulous imaginations to fill in the pages and they created stories that made my heart stop.  They used their wonderful minds to show me how their worlds come together, how they think, how they feel and what’s important to them.
This year, I found the cutest gifts to give to them – again, with my parent-whirling mind, I know that the educational aspects are far from visible to a child’s eye … but, the underlying notion is that Heidi and Megan will learn from these things, too.
Sally Huss is an artist, author, book illustrator and speaker.  Her website says:
“My name is Sally Huss and I am a full time artist/designer from Del Mar, California. I graduated from USC with a fine arts degree and have been a professional artist for over 20 years. Besides my original paintings, I have licensed my designs for clothing, baby products, and stationary products. Recently King Features Syndicate in New York licensed my “Happy Musings”, positive upbeat thoughts as a feature panel for distribution to newspapers throughout the US. To view my original art please checkout
<insert this image>
Let’s see.  ummm.  Sally is US.  She’s you and me!  She’s taking her passions in life and earning an income from them.  What’s *not* educational about that?!  And her inspiration is … well, it’s inspiring.  Take a look at this print: … and this one:  Ah, doesn’t that just make you want to grab your kids and hug them until they giggle?! 
Sally Huss’s work is my educational gift idea today.  Go visit her at or at

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