Aug 20 2011

Let’s Get Ready For Back to Basics & Cedar Valley Publishing!

As many of my avid followers to this blog have come to realize, I have been getting back to the basics of life by taking some much needed time to recharge, rebalance and get back to making my family my number one priority.  Being a solo mom entrepreneur for the last 8+ years has meant many sacrifices especially for my husband and kids, now ages 12 and 10.  By taking some time off and putting our family first I am truly thanking them for being the best family on the planet for allowing me to follow all my hopes and dreams! 

Kids are so smart!  They saw that I had become a workaholic!  They challenged me that I had become addicted to checking my emails and all my favorite social media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter and sadly they were so right.  Truthfully, I was spending 18 hour days in our home office trying to get through my 500+ daily emails, all my social media posts and trying to keep this blog going daily and it was starting to take its toll!  I wasn’t as happy as I knew I deserved to be!! 

Now that my kids have entered the world of cell phones and social media, I am glad that I went cold turkey to set an example in our house that phones and Facebook have a place in our lives but they need to be in used in moderation.  I didn’t want to be one of those parents who goes to their child’s sporting event but spends the entire time on their phone or blackberry!  I must admit that I rarely did that!  Instead, I was guilty of being tied day and night to my email, Facebook and twitter! 

Are you addicted to your cell phone, Facebook or Twitter page?  Tell us your story!

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Apr 18 2011

Let’s Get Ready To Hear Your Ideas on Education Reform!

How can we galvanize teachers, educators, parents, students, unions & administrators to truly fight for better schools with real concessions; finally putting the needs of America’s youth first?

After attending the 2nd Annual Mom Congress 2011 Conference (#mc2011) in DC along with educational leaders, 2011 Mom Delegates from each state and 2010 Mom Delegate Mentors from across the country, I would love to know your thoughts on how to walk this tightrope without getting hung up on each political agenda?  For additional information or to join our voice, visit us at

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Feb 08 2011

Let’s Get Ready To Celebrate Babble’s Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011!

What an honor!!  I am so humbled to be included in this list of amazing Mompreneurs like Julie Aigner Clark, Heather Armstrong, Daniele Ayotte, Julie Dix, Dr. Amy Baxter, Jenny Ford and included with so many great friends like Lucinda Cross, Lisa Druxman, Debbie Glickman and Hannah Keeley…WOW!  Who is your favorite?  Or nominate your favorite Mompreneur at

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Feb 07 2011

Let’s Get Ready To Congratulate the Green Bay Packers!


Congratulations to my Green Bay Packers who continued to preserve and fight each and every week even to the last play of the Super Bowl to become Super Bowl Champions!!  WOO HOO!

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Jan 24 2011

Let’s Get Ready to enter Mom Congress 2011

Do you know of a deserving mom who is passionate about education?  If so please nominate her for the 2011 Mom Congress and join me in Washington DC in April to meet Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan!  Mom Congress has changed my life! Please pass this amazing gift forward and enter before 1/31/11

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Jan 23 2011

Let’s Get Ready for Mayo Clinic

I am traveling to Mayo Clinic with my Mom this week for her Colon Cancer but we will be watching our beloved Packers take on those Bears!

Go Pack Go!

And if the Packers win on Sunday….

Let’s Get Ready For The SuperBowl

Congratulations to my Green Bay Packers

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Jan 19 2011

Let’s Get Ready to Stop Hate Speech!

I am a solo mom entrepreneur who is currently taking some time off to deal with my own mother’s terminal colon cancer, so you can image how upset I was with Madison, WI’s Sly on the Radio and his outrageous comments that were replayed by Milwaukee’s 620WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes yesterday and today.  To listen to these comments and judge for yourself: Click here to listen to the comments from the talk show segment, provided by Milwaukee radio station WTMJ.

So in the spirit of Sly on the Radio mocking Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s efforts to make cold calls to businesses in the state of Illinois to drum up business for the State of Wisconsin, yesterday I made cold calls to Sly’s own sponsors listed on the front page of his own website, to see how they felt about his comments.  Of course, being business owners not one of them agreed with his comments.  I was even more upset when WTDY Web program director Rex Charger defended the appropriateness of Sylvester’s remarks.

“It was obvious sarcasm and was not intended to be taken literally.”

So Charger if you stand by the remarks than answer this question…which part was sarcasm?

Being outraged that she is picking up the phone to cold call businesses in Illinois?

Calling her a “pantie entrepreneur” as if you can’t run a successful business from your basement and is if panties are some how unneeded or beneath him?

Or would you call it sarcasm to say that Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor got her job by performing “fellatio acts”?

Or is it called “sarcasm” to mock Rebecca Kleefisch’s colon cancer? 

To quote WTDY’s own site on a recent story that made headlines in Wisconsin:  “The man that attacked a beer truck with a metal pipe has committed a great sin in Wisconsin. This is a HATE crime.”

Thus I would not label it “sarcasm” instead I would call it HATE SPEECH. 

I had a great time cold calling Sly’s sponsors!  They are all small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their own businesses going by utilizing advertising to bring in customers, regardless of their own political views.   Many of them have the same views that I do on government and business:  we can’t run a successful business if we are $14 trillion in debt and owe our debt to our own competitor, in America’s case:  China.    I certainly met some great businesses in my cold calling yesterday and one thing is for sure, we can all agree that we are united in the power of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship made our country great and it is what will keep our country great!  I will echo what many of them said to me yesterday:  At least we have a Lt. Governor who is willing to pick up the phone on behalf of Wisconsin!

I challenge Sly to pick up the phone to learn more about his own advertisers because if their advertising dollars dry up, will he even care enough to find out why?

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Dec 17 2010

Let’s Get Ready To Help Children Learn To Read!

According to UNICEF, “Nearly a billion people will enter the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names and two thirds of them are women.”  In America, two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Statistics show that children who don’t learn to read by age nine may never catch up. Learning to read is the key to changing our global world.

I remember learning to read.  I used the Dick, Jane and Spot books.


They were word picture association books with three words on each page.  They were perfect for learning to read.

I think part of the problem for parents is that we are not professional teachers, who specialize in teaching children how to read and we might be using the “wrong” books to help our children learn to read.  As an author and publisher, I am shocked by the number of books that are labeled as “early reading” and yet are not using the appropriate “early reading” vocabulary by age group.   I love Dr. Seuss books!! They are fun and engaging and full of repetition and rhyming patterns, but unless they are part of the early reading series from Dr. Seuss, they are not always the best choice for word picture association and learning to read.  WHY? Because word association doesn’t always work with Dr. Seuss; he uses silly off-the-wall rhymes that don’t add up in a child’s head.  They would not automatically put together green eggs and ham, unless they already knew the book and the rhyme.   

Top tips for helping kids learn to read. 

  1. Empower kids into the process with simple “early reading” books that use word picture association and stress word/picture connections.
  2. Practice getting kids to draw one page word picture association, such as draw:  Tom has apples. 
  3. Getting them to make the connection and guess what the next word is – Tom has…they can see the apples so they can say, apples.
  4. Play games to get children to guess word association: if I say peanut butter, you say: __________.
  5. Practice, practice, practice with the early learning books that specialize in word picture association and using words in the early learning vocabulary. 
  6. Make it fun with lots of picture books with repetition and rhyming patterns that are geared to “early reading”. 
  7. Read out loud time makes for better students.  Studies have shown that preschoolers who have frequent read–aloud time with their parents have stronger language skills later in life—including higher reading, spelling and IQ scores at age 13.

Have you pledged to help a child learn to read?  Visit to do your part to change our world!

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Dec 16 2010

Let’s Get Ready For Cold and Flu Time!

It’s not too late to get your flu shot and protect your family from influenza.  Heidi and Megan had the option of the flu shot or the flu mist, but because the mist is a live flu strain and we are around babies, we opted for the shot instead.  Now that my girls are getting older they know the routine and request what it is they need:

Wash those hands long and often!

I can’t say it enough: Wash, wash, wash those HANDS especially if you are sick to help keep everyone else stay healthy!  Wash long and often, especially after touching your eye, nose, mouth; before and after eating; coughing and sneezing; and of course, after the bathroom.  I still listen to the sound of the water and if I don’t think it was long enough I will say definitely say something!

Make a Steam Room!

Shut the door, run the shower to create a warm sauna room upon entry.   The girls love soaking in the whirlpool tub or take an extra long shower that helps to open up clogged airways.  I have a television in our master bath room (my way of seeing the news without alarming my kids – especially during 9/11) so they enjoy watching TV as they soak in the whirlpool tub inside their steamy sauna room!

Hot Chocolate or Soup!

It’s a family tradition for hot chocolate and something to dip depending on how sick they feel: toast, graham crackers or cookies!  How about some Chicken Noodle Soup!  It really does work!

Gargle with Salt Water or Nasal Rinse

You know they don’t feel good when they request to gargle with a mixture of warm water and salt or a nasal rinse.  We have a nasal rinse kit from the drug store.  It has a salt solution packet that you add warm water; it comes with a spoon to mix and a special genie shaped bottle that you pour in one nostril to drain out the other nostril.  It sounds gross but it really does work.  Have plenty of tissue on hand because you will definitely be in need of blowing to clear and clean passages!    

Cuddle Time and a Movie or Book with Mom!

We curl up on the sofa and watch a movie or read books together for a few hours of cuddle time. I make them sleep for a few hours while I work in my home office and only after I feel that they got enough extra rest, I allow them to have homework, play, books, crafts, laptop, iPod and/or television time! 

Wash, wash, wash those HANDS and stay healthy for the holiday season!!!

What is your secret tip to keep your family healthy?? Leave a comment and keep us all healthy!

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Dec 15 2010

Let’s Get Ready to Celebrate Green with 50% coupon sheet!

Gear up for your holiday shopping season with these amazing deals:

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